Monday, May 29, 2017

AHHHLOOO (that´s how you get people to come to the door in chile)

This week was great! We were able to have a visit from Elder Packard of the 70 this past week and he gave us some great trainings. He served as a mission president in Spain a long time ago and just taught us things that will help us be better teachers and better missionaries. He and his wife both speak spanish so that was fun that they were able to talk to everyone themselves without a translator. One of the things he talked about was helping investigators connect the dots. Like in a dot to dot. The gospel of Jesus Christ is like that. There are lots of principles we teach but every principle has a reason and a connecting line that helps create the image of eternal life and exaltation. 

Yesterday in the Gospel principles class they were talking about baptism and a recent convert named San Louis was there. He is haitian and just a funny guy. Anyway the teacher was talking about how when she got baptized she had to use both of her hands to plug her ears because for some reason she cant let water into her ears. But when he heard that he just thought it was so funny for some reason and just died laughing and he has a laugh that is super contagious and so of course the rest of us died too. We were there like 5 minutes just laughing... If you didnt laugh this week you gotta do it again because laughing is life.

Karina got baptized this last week as well! Her mom is a member of about 3 years. She used to be Adventista I am not really sure how to say that in english but you get the idea. But this week she finally felt ready to take that step and get baptized so that was awesome to see her make that decision.

Elder Donoso has also been hard at work. He was with a family this week named the nuñez family and the mom used to be a sister missionary in washington dc so she speaks pretty decent english but we were in their apartment building and we had just finished up teaching a lesson and were coming down the stairs when I saw hermana nuñez outside a door and she just looked at me and said élder this lady wants to receive you guys. She decided that her and her daughter would just take out elder donoso and start knocking a few doors in her building when she found this young girl who has been passing through some hard times and invited her to listen to us. I was blown away that this lady just went out and started knocking doors in her apartment building to find someone for us to teach. We are going to have a lesson with her new friend this week. 

We are also teaching another man named Fabiano who is the dad of a family of members. he is from Rio De Janeiro and is such a homie. He used to never go to church with his family but has started to go just recently. He always wears a beanie so we are trying to find out if he can just wear a white beanie when he gets baptized. haha just kidding but he is awesome he just has a little bit of fear about making a commitment and not being able to keep it or falling after he has been made clean. But that is the best part about Jesus is that everytime we come to him with a sincere heart he will help us and lift us up.

We have so many great people here in our sector and so many people that are already changing their lives and becoming better people. That is what the great part about being a missionary is. Seeing how people change based on their love for our savior. He loves us and he only asks that we give a portion of that love back to him. 

I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Holdstock

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