Monday, January 15, 2018

God Bless the Potato

This week has been a pretty crazy one! The change has been drastic from the country to the city. Everything is so much faster but I have been grateful for the new challenge I have. My poor little companion has had to learn lots this week because his first companion didn´t help him too much. But he is awesome and is learning really quickly what we have to do!

One of the highlights this week was that we were able to watch the funeral of presidente Monson. One of my most favorite things that was said was by his daughter. When she said that one day he saw a picture of himself in a Liahona Magazine and said 'I know that guy. He tried his best!' That was just such a wonderful message for me that the prophet of the lord is human as well and that he is called just as we are to do our best. The life of the prophet was full of sacrifice and of blessings. We look forward to Tuesday when we will once again be able to testify that we know the prophet. That we know his name and we know he is called of God.

On another note, (and explaining a little bit better my subject for this email) On tuesday another religious leader will be coming to chile.... the Pope. In fact he is coming to my sector.... oh no. haha I have no idea how it will be but what I do know is that while there will be many people hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope or el papa in spanish we should consider ourselves blessed to be able to hear from the lords chosen leader the prophet. Papa means pope... and papa also means potato so figure that one out...) 

We have been teaching a lot of new people this week and that has been our focus in finding new people to teach because when I got here there wasnt that big of a group that was really progressing. So we were able to find more to teach. In this sector there are a Ton of dominicans so shout out to Tanner Anderson cuz we are serving the same mission right now ;) actually there are less chileans here than there are foreigners.

I will keep you updated on those people that are doing well! Sounds like we took out the trash in soccer. and that jedi braid is lookin fresh.

Elder HOldstock

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year Changes

Welp. My time in the country side was shorter and sweeter than a cold lemonade on a hot summer day. I am writing from my new sector here in the heart of the ciudad! It was a little bit of a shock to receive the news of changes but god has his hand in everything so I am sure it will all work out.

I am now in a part of the city called Amengual, it is pretty cool though because I am in like the first stake that they had in chile! It is quite the change though from the country side! I was said I wanted to live in the city... but after a little bit of time in the country and in the coast... I started to like it a lot! But I know I will love the city as well!

My new companion is named Elder Manrique he is from Peru. He is my third peruvian in a row! I think I am destined to know how to make really good peruvian food! He is super new in the mission this is only his second transfer. I came to finish training him because it looks like his first trainer wasnt cuttin it. But he is super awesome! He is a convert of four years and was the first to get baptized in his family but now just about his entire family has been baptized.

I was a little bit sad to leave my last sector though because we were just getting started! We had a little bit of a miracle this week because there is a family of converts that we were teaching who have been members for almost a year now. Before they were mormon they were Jehovahs Witness.. so it has been a pretty impressive change for them and sometimes they still have some of their JW traditions. So when the parents got baptized their daughter Josefa was 8. But they thought she wasnt prepared enough to get baptized. Now she is 9 and so that makes her our responsibility. Anyway we were on our way to a lesson with them and we ran into the bishop.. and he counseled us to not go in right away with the idea to baptize her because he said that the dad was pretty closed off to it. He said we should try to be comfortable with the dad first. So we changed our lesson plans to follow his suggestions. We showed up to their house and started the lesson we got to know them and I asked how long they had been members. They replied a year and so I said oh that is great you are all just about ready for the temple then! And the dad said no.. I dont think so we still lack a lot of things. Then out of nowhere he said and besides Josefa still has to get baptized! So the rebel that I am just came out of nowhere and I asked Josefa why she hadnt been baptized and she said she hadnt felt prepared. Then the dad just told her that it isnt necessary to have a perfect knowledge of the things before showing our faith and getting baptized. So we went with the idea of getting the dad to let us help her get baptized and we left with the dad convincing his daugther she was ready. 

Then on sunday the bishop said... Elder that is a miracle!

But the sad news is that they had to leave on vacations so I will only see her baptism in photos. 

I hope everyone has the greatest week!

Elder Holdstock

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

¡Feliz Año!

Well and just like that there goes another year! Pretty crazy isn't is how fast time goes. This week for me has been as I am sure it has been for all of you a good moment to take a step back and realize where I am who I am what I have done and those things I want to accomplish as well as think about the person I want to become.

Don't forget changes always happen, and that is part of the process of life without changes there isnt progress and we are here in this world for that purpose to progress so i guess that would mean that it is hoped of us that we also change a little bit too. I mean isnt that the reason there are missionaries all around the world? To help people change. To help them become what God wants them to become to be able to inherit what he has to give them. It is pretty incredible when you think about it.

This week was awesome! We found a lot of people... like the most I have ever found in one week in my mission so that was great. One of the people we are focusing on right now is named Ruth, she is a grandma with a lot of energy. Her mom was a member but she could never get baptized becasuse she worked a lot, but now she doesnt work so she is loving learning more about the gospel and going to the activities with the ward and everything!

For new years we went and had a dinner with some investigadors that had invited us and had permission to stay out until a little bit later. After we went back to the house and waited for midnight but the honest truth is that I was really tired and took like a half hour nap before midnight arrived then we made a little bit of noise and then hit the sack. 

I hope you have all had a great year! I sounds like you have been super busy and doing lots of great things. Keep it up! Thanks for all the pictures! Everyone looks great... and so do the ties everyone is wearing ;)

See ya this year!

Elder Holdstock

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Feliz cumpleaños Jezi

Ok we all know that Jesus wasnt actually born in december... if I had a peso for everytime someone told me that this month I would be prettty quico.. haha But It has been an awesome month to remember the savior and his role in our lives. I always impresses me the story of Christ and his life and his humble beginnings. The king of Kings the prince of princes who was born in a stable who never had much of worldy wealth but was always doing his fathers will. As the christmas season ends dont let the spirit of christmas leave.

It was great to see you all in the skype! Everyone looks great! For church we just went to sacrament meeting and they had a christmas choir sing a few songs. It was fun! This week we had a christmas activity that was fun with president and part of the mission! We got cards from the wards and it was fun to have a little moment to share together. We also had a ward activity that went really well which was fun because we had a baptism as well so we did it all together and it was all a big party. 

I hope that everyone had a great christmas!!

Talk to ya next year!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Feliz Navidad

This was a really fast week! and that is always good because it means that it was full of things to do and people to visit. this week was a really great one because sometimes you have a great week and teach a lot of people but then it comes down to game time and not very many go to church... but this sunday was awesome because pretty much everyone that said they would go... Went!! Even though it was election day we had a great time in church and everyone was inspired and uplifted. 

We also did a few divisions this week. One of them was with one of my old companions Elder Lazo. We found a kitten that was abandoned in the street so we asked a lady for a little box and started trying to give a cat to a lot of people! It resulted a little bit more difficult than we thought but Finally we found someone that wanted the cat! A typical cat lady that wanted to add our little black cat to her collection was super excited and ate him up...(err..not literally i hope)

how grateful i am that even though sometimes we are little kittens that nobody wants we have a savior who always wants us and is begging for us.

As christmas gets closer we are getting excited as we share with lots of people the ilumina el mundo calendars and cards and videos. It really is an awesome program that is helping a lot of people. dont forget to make the change to make a difference.

I will have lots more stories to tell you this next Monday for the Skype! I think I will be connecting around 5 or 6 pm chile time... 

Have a wonderful week and say hey to santa for me!!

Elder Holdstock

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

El Monte de Sion

Como Estamos?? 

This week was a good week of getting down to work. We found lots of great people this last week and were able to find some old investigators that we couldnt the first week that my companion had been teaching last change. I feel like I have just about gotten myself adjusted to the sector and have kinda learned where everything is at. We have been focusing all of our efforts and Ilumina El Mundo which I think must be light the world in english but it really is an inspired campaign. Last night we visited a guy in our ward to teach him a little about it and he shared some experiences he had had and how the campaign had helped him remember to be a light for others. He is a taxi driver and he was stopped at a stoplight with people in his car waiting to pass through the intersection and an older gentlemen went crossing the street and he was pulling a bunch of stuff in a wagon sort of thing... But the wagon tipped over so the member parked the car right where it was and hopped out to help him. He said he was impressed that nobody honked at him even though the light turned green because they understood he was helping someone. 

Then this morning we were in the church doing something really quick and suddenly we here a 'ELDERES' and there is this member and he says 'I have people in my taxi but I remembered there were a bunch of trash bags in the back of the chapel we need to take out to the curb can you help me??' So I have been impressed to see how he is doing his little part to light the world in his little way.

I know that Christ is really the light we all need to emulate. Without him and without his example it is impossible that we become anything. Actually it is possible to become something but it is going to take a lot of work and we will never reach our potential but the secret is to let him in and to let him mold you and let him show you your true potential.

We have been teaching a girl named Jennifer who had an accident about a year ago and is in bed. She lives just in the bed she cant leave. she has a little daughter who is 1 year old as well. But she is doing really well. She really wants to go to church but she cant sit up for very long because her body is not accustomed to it. So we talked with the ward and the bishop and we are going to see if we cant take the church to her.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Elder Holdstock

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I'm a country boy again...

Nah not really. hahaha El Monte makes me remember a lot of stansbury and erda. It is kinda country kinda tooele kinda a little bit of everything. But it is really great I have loved it so far. It is a huge change from my last sector that was pretty interesting because not a lot of people lived there and lots of people were pretty rich. But here there are a ton of people and a lot who are willing and prepared to hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is kind of crazy to hear about snow at this time of the year because I am now wearing my short sleeve shirts and putting on lots of sun screen. I might even think about buying myself a hat.... but then again I dont want to look like a Jehovah's Witness.... 

This week was just a good week of what i like to call hitting the pavement... My companion is super young in the mission and was only here in the sector one change before i got here so we are kinda figuring out where things are together.. But he is a good guy. His name is Elder Calderon he is from peru!

Yesterday we had a really cool lesson with a lady who let us in finally because her husband was home (we had contacted her a few days before) But we found out that her daughter was in bed and has been in bed for a year because she had a tumor or something in her brain and it left her without the ability to walk... But it turns out that the missionaries were with them a few years ago.. and the mom said that just the other day she had been doing something and remembered the mormons because they were always so willing to help. Then a few days later we showed up at their door. Just goes to show that Heavenly Father really hears and answers prayers.

I heard a rumor that Sam has cornrows.... soooo I gotta see a picture of that. hope everyone has the best december and dont forget to Iluminar el Mundo!

Elder Holdstock