Saturday, June 9, 2018

Week 84

It has been a pretty eventful week. and full of lots of tender mercies. It has been really cold but people have been really receptive so far this week. We took rene and claudia and their little family to church and they loved it. they have 3 daughters that are like 2, 4, and 6. They went to nursery and primary and had a blast. Claudia kind of teared up a little bit because she peeked in to see how they were doing and saw them fold their arms and bow their heads to start their little prayer it was a good little moment. Rene shared a lot in the class and was really grateful for what he is learning and the difference it is making in his family. 

A few weeks ago we found a mom and her daughter named Constanza and Rita they are really great but they live alone so we can´t teach them, So president asked us to start a little experiment and we gave them to the hermanas in our ward so that they could teach them. They have been progressing really well. Constanza this sunday even had the application of the church downloaded on her phone (without anyone telling her about it) and was reading scriptures in the classes. She will be getting baptized next week!! 

We also found a house of all men in the hermanas sector so that means we get to teach them. His name is Franco and he is the brother of a convert from like two or three years ago. We went to visit the brother late one night but he wasnt there and Franco came out and said hey come on in I have been wanting to talk to you guys for a while about how i can participate in the church. So we said Alright if you really want.. haha.

It has been quite the week and we are hoping for lots more miracles like that!

Elder Holdstock

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Back to the Beach

Well this has been a fun week! We headed back to where it all started and went to the MTC to look for the new missionaries it was kinda weird but cool all at the same time to see how even though the MTC is still there and the temple is still there in the same place and pretty much nothing has changed but I was able to take a step back and realize how much I have changed. On our way to the MTC  it was the first time that I have had to fight my way into the metro... it was so funny we literally had to just go football status and shove everyone to get in. It is like a mosh pit but on wheels. hahaha.

After we went to presidents house to give some presentations and eat lunch. This week was great as well because I got to know our sector a little better. It is pretty tiny probably the smallest one I have ever been in but I already feel right at home. Today we have p day because the rest of the week we will be having zone conferences so normally we have it friday just today it changed. But we were super excited because we got to play soccer in the stake center where I arrived. 

yesterday we taught a family really awesome that we found, they are claudia and rene. I have never seen someone so excited to go to church like claudia. She is pretty pumped and so obviously we are pretty pumped too. 

This thursday we get to go back to El Quisco! So i am pretty excited it will be awesome. 

Haha that is funny that you ask me if I still know Amos 3:7 by memory and the truth is that in english no but in spanish you bet your bottom dollar ;) haha

Dont enjoy summer too much deal?

Elder Holdstock

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Happy Mom Day!

Well that is pretty crazy that just like that all the skypes I will ever be able to do as a missionary are done and over with! It was good to see everybody!! 

This week was pretty great. We had some baptisms last weekend. Manuel and Yesmi finally got baptized and they couldnt have been happier. It has been a long time coming for both of them but the day finally arrived. But later that day they called us to tell me that I would be having changes and so the next day in the confirmation I let them know. It was rough because Manuel was already having a rough day with his family because sometimes his son has some weird mood swings and so that kind of puts him off a little bit but he was pretty sad that I was leaving. 

We went to say good bye to some members and also some other converts but it was a bitter sweet experience. We were really able to help a lot of people these last few months and it really is so awesome to see how they are all progressing and learning to live the gospel in their lives daily. 

I have returned to my first stake in the mission haha but to a different ward. I am now in Rinconada. And I am double dipping on my companion. Remember Elder Lazo the really tall chilean that I was with for a little bit like a year ago? He is my companion again. We are super excited to be together and to go to work. 

I hope that this week is really great and that you dont enjoy too much not going to school!!

Elder Holdstock

Shoot... I forgot my camera... next week next week!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hello Hello

It was good to see yall yesterday!!! I am just writing really quick to let you know that my P day got changed and that now I will be writing on Thrusdays! so I will be in touch soon. 

Elder Holdstock

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Pretty loco to think this could be my last week here in Amengual. Next week we have changes. And if your prophesy is correct I am out of here! but who knows. It has been a good week. With lots of things to do but lots of blessings! 

We went and did service for the bishop this week. He needed us to take out a bunch of trees and clean up a little bit his backyard becasue he is going to build a room. So we had a good time taking out the trash... (literally) cuz chainsaws dont exist here so we had to get pretty creative with how we took out the trees. it reminded me of that spring break that we spent like 6 days pulling a rock out of the ground to throw into the river. It was good practice.

We were able to find some really great people this week Benjamin and Juan who are both really great guys that are passing some tough moments. They both went to church and felt the spirit really strongly. I have been enlisted again to play the piano in church because the lady that played before went to japan. But it is good to be able to play again.

This week we had a little conference and I got to see lots of my friends so here is a picture of that. 

We will be doing the skype next sunday at like 4 or 5 chile time. Cant wait to see yalls smiling faces! 

Dont forget to do a good deed this week and to reach out to help someone. There is always somebody that needs us!

Elder HOldstock

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hi family! 

How is everything going?? Has summer already started?? I had to leave with a jacket on today and sleep with an extra blanket now so enjoy your nice weather deal? 

We have been having lots of fun these past few weeks and have been doing lots of different things! We are teaching a peruvian named Manuel who any second now will be ready to get baptized. He is really cool. His son has diabetes and it is pretty bad sometimes so he came to chile to be with him and take care of him. He misses his wife a lot but he is happy in the church.

They made us sing in the ward choir this week.... haha it was ward conference and they wanted to prepare a special musical number and so obviously they asked us to participate... because chileans have a false concept that all north americans just know and are blessed from no high with the gift of singing... BUT not true. We sang anyway and it was decent.

We surely are pretty blessed to have the restored truth. this week we have talked with lots of really good people that just dont quite get it, but I feel really blessed to have been born into a family where I was tauht the truth from the very second I could understand things. We know where we are going we know why we are going there and we know how to get there. But we arent alone in doing it. That is the beauty.

Every once in a while God likes to let us be humbled.. and that happened this week. haha no it is just a funny story actually. We talked with a man who didnt really want to listen to us at all. and when we talk to people like that we have the tendency to bother them a little bit and joke with them so that at least nobody ends the conversation discouarged. But this guy when he was going back into his house we waved to him again. and so he picked a little pebble and started to throw it at us. hahaha it sounds scary but it was one of the funniest things that has happened to me in chile. They said the mission would be full of surprises but they never said they would throw rocks at us!

Elder Holdstock

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Flu Frenzy

Well... ill just get the bad news out of the way up front... They gave us flu shots. And I swear I didnt cry. It was just sweat that fell from my eye balls. But good thing cuz now we are ready to take on anything.

Other than that not much went according to plan this week but the good thing is that after the storm comes the sunshine right? We had a few complications with some of the people that we were teaching but nothing to crazy they are all doing well just some unplanned trips they had to go on and things like that. But we have seen some really great progress in all of them and are really excited to keep on keepin on.

Our little friend edison that got baptized a little while back got called yesterday as the deacons quorom president so that is pretty exciting. Haha he has been a member for a little more than a month now and they are already putting him to work. He is awesome. His sister also got baptized so that was really neat to witness. Now everyone in their little house is a member.

We had a lot of meetings and trainings this week as well. They all went really well and we have a lot of new better ideas on what things we can improve on. This next week is our ward conference so that should be exciting.

I talked in sacrament meeting about the book of mormon. It really is an incredible tool that god has given us to strengthen us and to keep us connected to him. I talked about the good example that I had from you guys to read the book of mormon every day. so everyone here thinks you guys are bosses now.. dont even worry about it.

I hope everyone has a great week!!! and that it starts to get warmer!!

Elder Holdstock

P.s. this is the only picture i took this week. but enjoy. rip