Friday, July 20, 2018


Hola hola!! 

How is everything going this week? We have had a pretty great one. We planned a really fun activity this week with the ward. It is kind of like what they did in woods cross with the beach party remember? and the plane crashed and stuff like that? We are going to do something similar but nobody is going to die rather we are going to have activities about survival so that will be a real party! It sounds like the world cup is also finished up. There really wasnt much excitement about that this month because chile isnt playing sooo they didnt care at all.

We have been working hard teaching lots of people. We honestly found lots of really great people so far this week. On sunday we took a really old grandma to church she has got to be like 85 years old but was up and ready to go when we passed by to pick her up. It is really awesome to see how it doesnt matter how old how young or what has happened in someones like the power that the gospel has in our lives. It changes them and it makes us better. Shapes and molds us.

I got to go on a few divisions with brazilians this week so I got into my brazilian missionary mode so I could pretend i was in coritiba. haha 

I honestly am not sure about my realease date. The one that they have in the system is october 26 buuut the change ends and everyone else in my group goes home like the 30 of october so i think that that is more likely. But ill drop you a line when I am on the front porch dont worry about it. ;)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Holdstock

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Long time no see

Hey hi hows it goin? 

As I am starting to write this email there is a weird chilean guy that is talking to me in english.. or actually trying to speak to me in english. So let me write a little of what he is saying.

"Jesus Christ very back" "Jesus Christ viene very much" "El SeƱor coming"

hahaha but he gets an A for effort that is for sure. 

I mean he isnt that far off actually. The lord is coming, and this last week we were able to remember that in the zone conferences. We talked a lot about the good news that is the gospel of Jesus Christ and the opportunity that it is for us to really be happy. We are just about done with the really busy part of the transfer and now we have lots more time to focus on our sector and our investigators.

Nicol has been doing really well and went to church this weekend We also were able to do a noche de hogar with her and her husband hernan who isnt like super excited about going to church but he does like us to go over and he loved the noche de hogar. So that was really great.

I cant remember if I told you but I have a new companion his name is Elder Marsh he is from payson utah. So that is pretty awesome it has been over a year that I havent had a gringo companion. He is going home at the end of this change so that means i am killing for the first time in my mission but the good thing is that he is a really good missionary so he is still pretty focused. 

We have heard second hand that the world cup this year has just been a box of surprises! The final is coming up who is everyone rooting for? It sounds like soccer is also going really well for everyone! Mitchell and Sam are going to have to train me when I get home I am pretty slow now....

Speaking of which how was mitchells experience in Brazil?

This past week we talked about spiritual gifts in church and how if we dont have some of the gifts we can ask for them and work to obtain them so that is what i am doing this week. and the invitation for all of you is the same. That is one of the cool things about the gospel is that there is always time to get better and to be better. 


Elder Holdstock

Friday, July 6, 2018


hey this week is zone conferences so we are not going to have our p day until nexxxxt thursday. But Everything is going well. Has mitchell already gotten home from brazil? How was that? I hope that everyone is doing really well and enjoying the summer!
Elder Holdstock

P.S. Franco got the priesthood so that was awesome. And he said he wants to be bishop... so lets go. hahaha

Saturday, June 30, 2018

week 45684131456465
nah i dont know how many weeks i have been out.. I already lost count! haha But it has been a really good one. Not much has really happened because we have had lots of busy work since it is the first week of the change and everything. But on tuesday we went and picked up the new misionaries from the MTC. Then we went to President´s house. We gave a presentation and wathced a video. That was fun because I could kind of throw back to when we would always make videos and presentations. Sister woodward asked me to make a little welcome video so that ended up pretty well.  

But last week we continued to see miracles with franco and he got baptized. He is reallly happy and we are as well. unfortunately i still dont have the pictures but i will send them when i can! Rita. the mom of cony is also progressing really well so hopefully the hermanas will be able to keep helping her out. It is pretty funny because now all the ladies we take to church hear that there are hermanas that can go visit them and basically are just like hey elders we want the hermanas to just come visit us instead... but it is all the same in the end right?

I hope the summer is rockin! Sam will have to remember the world cup so he can tell me about it after. 

Have the best week!

Elder Holdstock

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The last week grind
Wow. That was the fastest change ever in my misison. Yikes. I feel like just a few days ago we started it and here we are getting ready again for the changes. A lot of good things have happened though that is for sure. We have seen some really tender mercies and some miracles. I have always been impressed but at the same time not very surprised as I see the hand of the Lord in almost every aspect and everything that happens when it comes to missionary work.

Cony got baptized this weekend and franco is progressing really well. They are really excited and the members are being really great with them and helping them alot. I cant remember if I told you but we also took a little family to church named nicole and hernan they are 22 and already married which is like a miracle in chile. But hernan is a little bit more gangster if that is a good way to say it and he was not about going to church at all at first but he finally decided he was going to go. So they went all four of them the parents and the little girls as well. They ended up reallly liking it and had a really great experience.

The world cup is already in full swing but since chile is not playing no body really cares... but it is fun to make fun of the chileans because they didnt go... but then it is not too funny when I remember that we didnt go either.... rip.....

I hope that this is a great week and that everyone is doing well!

Elder Holdstock

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Well when it rains it pours. Turns out that Maipu.. the city that I am in is in like a geographical hole... and so it just makes it a lot colder for some reason than it should be normally. This saturday they said that it was going to snow.. but it just rained.

It caught us by surprise so we had to run into a little shop and but garbage bags to convert into ponchos. it was a good time.

The great part was that once it started raining the doors start swinging open! We taught a lot of people and everyone wanted to go to church in the morning even though it was raining outside. Sunday in the morning it was beautiful and lots of them went to church with out even having to get wet. So when it rains it pours blessings.

It is wild to think how fast this change has gone by. We are already almost in week six I feel like yesterday we were just getting started. This week I went on divisions with a brazilian missionary so I just pretended I was in Cortitiba. 

It sounds like you are all having the time of  your lives!! Thanks for all the pictures!

Elder Holdstock

here is a picture of our mission. Enjoy

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Week 84

It has been a pretty eventful week. and full of lots of tender mercies. It has been really cold but people have been really receptive so far this week. We took rene and claudia and their little family to church and they loved it. they have 3 daughters that are like 2, 4, and 6. They went to nursery and primary and had a blast. Claudia kind of teared up a little bit because she peeked in to see how they were doing and saw them fold their arms and bow their heads to start their little prayer it was a good little moment. Rene shared a lot in the class and was really grateful for what he is learning and the difference it is making in his family. 

A few weeks ago we found a mom and her daughter named Constanza and Rita they are really great but they live alone so we can´t teach them, So president asked us to start a little experiment and we gave them to the hermanas in our ward so that they could teach them. They have been progressing really well. Constanza this sunday even had the application of the church downloaded on her phone (without anyone telling her about it) and was reading scriptures in the classes. She will be getting baptized next week!! 

We also found a house of all men in the hermanas sector so that means we get to teach them. His name is Franco and he is the brother of a convert from like two or three years ago. We went to visit the brother late one night but he wasnt there and Franco came out and said hey come on in I have been wanting to talk to you guys for a while about how i can participate in the church. So we said Alright if you really want.. haha.

It has been quite the week and we are hoping for lots more miracles like that!

Elder Holdstock