Monday, March 19, 2018

Whats happenin?? 

We have had a pretty crazy week! It has been really awesome and we have been really blessed. Violeta is doing well and so is Martina. They are loving going to church and are having a wonderful time in all of the activities as well. Juan is working hard to keep his streak going of not smoking. He is doing really great as well! We have found a lot of really great people this week as well that should be progressing here really soon.

On Wednesday we always play soccer for our weekly activity. Sam asked if I still have a good touch or if I lost it.... ummm a little bit of both.. unfortunately. haha but I still hold my own against the peruvians... But this wednesday we were in divisions and we were walking to the church for the activity when I saw on the other side of the street 3 guys that were a lot taller than the normal man in chile... then I saw that they were two boys and a dad.... then I saw that they were blonde.. and wearing soccer shorts and vans like gringos.... then I thought... those guys look a lot like my brothers! So I yelled across the street to them HELLO! and they responded.. ARE YOU AMERICAN?? haha so we ran over to talk to them. Turns out that they are living here in chile and playing soccer! They are from North Carolina. I told them that I used to play a lot and that we were actually on our way to play a little in the church and the dad said .... what are we waiting for? lets go! haha So I got to play soccer this week with two gringos. One was 15 and the other 13. It was like playing with Mitchell and Sam again :') (I didnt have my camera... but I took a picture with my other companions camera.. soo Coming soon)

Sounds like you guys are also having a lot of good times on the soccer field! Keep on Keepin on.

On saturday we had a funny morning.. a lady in our ward called us to ask us to do a quick service project. So we said ok and went over.. when we got there the hermano told us he needed to patch up some holes in his walls... we said great tell us what you need us to do and we will do it. He said but I dont know what to do... what do you think we should do? So Elder inofuente and I had to think up some creative way to patch up these holes.. we went with him to the home depot of chile.. and bought what we needed and went back and patched up the holes... it wasnt the most beautiful patchwork i have ever seen but we got the job done. It was just funny. I remembered the talk that president nelson gave where he said... 'Ask the missionaries. They can help' haha because the people do it! They asume we know the answers to everything.. including construction problems! we just try and do our best.

Youve just always gotta be on your best scout game.. and be prepared.

Hope everything is well and that it is getting warmer! It is starting to get a little bit cooler here but we are going to put the short sleeved shirts to work a little bit longer!

Elder Holdstock

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This week was one for the books! We played soccer with about a million peruvians. We ate some really good food. We saw a lot of miracles. And we taught a lot of wonderful people.

A few weeks ago we got to know a guy named Juan. We were just sitting in sacrament meeting and a member came and grabbed us and so we left with him. Juan had show up at church. To give you a little bit of an idea... He was wearing shorts and a t shirt.. had blood shot eyes and looked like he hadnt slept for a few days and we thought he might be a little bit drunk... So we started to talk to him because these kind of people are our specialty. haha. He told us that he was kind of at a low point and had the feeling he needed to come to church. So he came. We invited to come sit with us for the last few minutes of the sacrament meeting and then we set up an appointment with him. We have been meeting with him for about a week or two now and he has made a lot of big changes in his life. He quit smoking last week. Today in the morning he played soccer with us but the great part is that now he smiles every time he sees us. He will be a member here in a hot minute.

Violeta is also doing really well. We met her grandaughter this week too! Her name is Martina. They showed up to church together and loved it! They are such good people and are long time friends of a lot of members! So it just goes to show that even when we think we have shared the gospel with everyone we know there is always someone else so just keep thinking!

The computer doesnt work this week so I dont have any pictures... sorry bout it.

James the Mormon looked like it was pretty cool! Hope that soccer keeps on keepin on! Love you all!!

Elder Holdstock

Monday, March 5, 2018

This week we are learning about how to teach and get our message across in simple and brief manner. So I think I better do it in the email as well.... haha just kidding! 

But it has been a great week. We have been doing lots of different activities and have been keeping ourselves pretty busy with everything. We meetings and trainings with president and divisions as well! This week I went on Divisions in Rinconada which is a ward from my first stake I was in Olimpo, so it was fun to be back in kind of the same place that I started my mission in! It was crazy to think about how long ago it had been but at the same time how fast it has all passed by. 

One of our good friends Peterson got baptized this weekend! He speaks very very little spanish so we had to teach him just about everything in creole. But he was super super happy! Edison also passsed the sacrament for his first time this week and did it super well. 

I like being in the mission because it always helps me understand things a lot better. Like how God really wants us to be better. Lots of churches worship God they sing and chant and read the bible, but the testimony that we are in the truth is because of the knowledge we have of our divine potential. God wants us to worship him and be good people so that we can be like him. We are so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things but god has put that divine potential in each one of us that more than be ´saved' or something like that and float around as angels we are literaly his children that have the same potential as him.

We become more like him as we let him refine us. As he lets us be tested and we learn from him.

This week we had a funny lesson with an older lady who told us she was doing alright because a car had just crashed into her house the last week and she just got done patching it all up! We thought she was kinda crazy to be honest be something told us to go in and share anyway. So we asked if we can say a prayer with her. She accepted and we went in. We started to teach her and still we thought she was a little crazy But when we invited her to be baptized her whole being changed and she was listening so intently and accepted. Then to finish she said such a sincere prayer where she told Heavenly Father she wanted to be his daughter and that she was going to follow him. It is incredible to see how the spirit works in people. It works in all moments and can always touch people right where they need it. 

Now I shall finish reciting the words my father shared with me. For I know that my father is a just man always working in righteousness. #applythescripstoyourlife #applyyourlifetothescriptures

Quote from dad for the week:

Not only do we have to show faith in God, but He too shows us that He has faith in us as He leaves us to have our own trials and show our faith in Him. The Gospel is amazing. 

Elder Holdstock

Thursday, March 1, 2018

This week was fast and slow all at the same time.. Does that ever happen to you? When you are super busy and it seems like you dont have time for all the things you need to do but when it is Tuesday it seems like Monday was forever ago? Yeah that is what is felt like this week. But that is a good thing I think because it means we are busy doing good things. 

We had a training with president where he talked about how we can teach a little more simply so that people understand, that was in preparation for the trainings we will have this week with all the missionaries it will be really great to have this sort of vision for our teaching and will help a load.

We started teaching little family from the Dominican Republic this week. A mom and her little girls who are so funny. We showed them some magic tricks and they were convinced that we were cool after that. haha. Now they just want to see magic tricks when we visit them.. I guess it wasnt for nothing all that time I spent watching youtube videos on how to do magic tricks! The little girls get kinda sad when we leave though.. haha the oldest is 9 and the others are littler.

It is getting really hard for me to speak in english... Sometimes I talk in english with other elders on the phone and i cant really get out what I am trying to say.. rip... Did I sound like that in the skype?? I think I probably did but I have been with latinos for so long that  english is getting erased from my mind.. whoops. but I am sure I will learn it super quickly again!

One of the craziest things that happened this week is that I was on divisions with an elder from our zone and we were walking in our sector and out of nowhere a motorcycle ran into a car.. haha nobody got hurt but i think the motorcylist got a little distracted and didnt realize there was a car right in front of him. It made me remember when one time I was riding a bike back home... I think I was geocaching by myself if I remember right... and I was looking down at the GPS and I wasnt paying very much attention to where I was going and I ran into a parked car.. Nobody was around and it didnt hurt that much but it was just really funny! hahaha 

So moral of the story is that if you are riding a bike watch where you are going! And if you go geocaching take a friend with you!

i hope everything is doing well back home! And I hope you had the greatest birthday! The 23 of February is a special day for sure!! I am sure grateful for the example you have been in my life. How old are you now? 28 right? ;) 

Elder Holdstock

A picture of us celebrating moms birthday with icecream.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Well our first change here in Amengual went by wicked fast!! Today we had changes and Elder Manrique will be receiving a new companion and Elder Inofuente and i will be heading to the other half of the ward. But it has been a really awesome change and full of blessings and miracles. We are excited to get working again and to see what else we can do this next month and a half.

We are really excited for all the people we are teaching as well because they are all progressing really well. We think that a few of them should be getting baptized in these next few weeks. I am happy to hear that we beat the peruvians in soccer!! haha what hurts is that they are going to the world cup and we arent.... but whatevs. There are a lot of peruvians in this ward! So I have been eating a lot of pervian food which is really really good. A close second to thai food I might say...

Laura and Javier are doing great! Laura is dying to get to go to the temple (in a figurative sense....) to do baptisms for the dead and so this week she will be having some family history classes and things like that. The other Laura and her son Edison are also getting excited to do the same.. Edison should be getting the priesthood this week and will be able to start passing the sacrament.

Being a missionary is pretty great! But always remember that all of us are missionaries. Maybe you have never had a nametag.. or maybe you have and dont anymore but we are always able to make a difference in someone. We can always pray to know who God needs us to reach out to and how we can help them come to know the truth. 

lots of love!

elder holdstock

Monday, February 12, 2018

Greetings from Amengual!

This week has continued to be really full of activites which is great! We had lots of divisions lots of interviews and lots of people to teach as well. One of our little miracles has been Laura and Elison. They are from bolivia and are going to get baptized this weekend. They have really been so prepared and are really excited to be able to get baptized. I think that Elder Manrique will get to baptize for his first time so that will be really awesome! I have really gained a testimony of how the lord is always guiding us and preparing the way for us. Like it says in Nephi that the lord will never give commandments before preparing the way. And it is so true. Sometimes we think that we know the way or that the path is already indicated but we see that the will of the lord is not always the same as ours and when he shows us the path and we trust in him and we walk on it then we will be able to know that he is guiding us. So never forget to just take whatever life throws at you because in one way or another god is preparing the way for you.

We will see what happens this week because we are going to have changes. It looks like we will be receving another missionary that will be companions with elder manrique so we will only have to worry about one sector because for the last two weeks we have been working in both of them. But who knows...!

In one of our divisions this week we taught this lady who said elderes I dont know if I can do this whole living the gospel thing... because I cant forgive people. She had had some difficult things happen in her life and had some big grudges against a few different people. We always talk about forgiveness with the people but in a different way. We always talk about how Jesus is alway willing to forgive us. But hardly do we talk about how we should forgive others. But she locked on to this idea and it made me think a lot about the importance of that. Jesus wants us to be like him. And he is a perfect example of the perfect forgiver so we should forgive those who have wronged us even though that is hard. We should learn to forgive ourselves even though that might be harder. Because Christ won't ever think twice about forgiving us... so we shouldn't either.

It sounds like everyone is doing super well back home! I am rooting for Sam's team against the peruvians! I have one companion that is named Diego Inofuente he is from Trujillo and another one named Rodrigo Manrique and he is from Lima. so maybe you will run into someone who knows one of them who knows.

Well keep on keepin on.

Elder Holdstock

Monday, February 5, 2018



That is pretty crazy that the super bowl happened this week! Everyday I realize just how out of the loop I am.. rip. But that is also a good thing! The mission has taught to learn what is actually important in life because without the distractions of everyday stuff, The spirit helps us understand a lot more of a lot of goodness.

This week has been pretty crazy and busy but good. We have had to work in both sectors in our ward so we have had quite a lot to do. And on top of that Elder Inofuente and I have had some meetings and other things like interviews we have had to do. But all in all we have managed it. This week as well we saw some miracles as well. A family from Bolivia searched us out, the daughter is a member but her mom and her brother are not. We passed by to visit them and they were really excited to go to church and accept the gospel. So right now we are working with them Laura and Edison. Edison is 12 and likes to make robots and stuff like that!

Laura got baptized this weekend! I will see if I can get a picture to load... But it was a great experience! She was super excited and Javier did a great job baptizing. Their next goal is the temple so they are already on the right track. They invited a lot of friends to the baptism as well so we were able to make some contacts and we will be visiting some of them later this week.

I might lose my chilean accent here in this sector though... because there are so many foreigners that it is crazy. I am starting to pick up a little bit of a venezuelan accent.. dale pues. and learning words that tanner is using out there in the DR. as well as learning more creole. We can now teach a lesson pretty much in creole. it is not perfect but we are working on it! 

This week Elder Packard also visited us from the 70 to do a leadership training. He got us super excited with the changes that need to take place in the missionary work so that we can continue to progress as a church.

I hope that all is well back home and that you dont come across any more mice.

Elder holdstock



we need your help. we want to make nachos, but we need a recipe for cheese sauce. 

not actually that much of an emergency... but ya know. ;)