Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy Fiestas Patrias

Happy Fiestas Patrias Everyone!! That is why we are writing late this week is because monday was 18 and so we couldnt go to the ciber to write but all is well because the parties have all died down and now everything is going back to normal! I have to make a confession here writing emails of the week is one of the hardest things in the mission because I dont know all these cool things happen during the week and then I sit down and look at the computer screen and my mind goes blank. But I will do my best to remember a lot of what happened this last week.

We got to teach a lot of really awesome people this week like caterine and her little family who are still reading the book of mormon at night together. Actually teaching them is so fun because the little girl is named connie she is nine and she always has the funniest questions that she wants to know the answers to. So we always promise to return with the answers but this last lesson the mom said I have a question this week! `why did god create the families?` Oh that is just the question you want to hear when you are a missionary am I right? So we are getting ready to answer that question for them tomorrow! I have no doubt that they will love the answer. 

18 is like the chilean version of the 4th of july. Everyone flies kites... which is super cool. And like all chilean holidays everything shuts down but this time for like 4 days. Remember how we are out in the vacation part of chile? Yeah well during 18 people leave on vacation. So it was hoppin out here in the coast. There were sooo many people all over the place from santiago who escaped from the city for a few days to enjoy the coast. The chapel was full to the rim. they had to go look for more chairs a lot of different times so that everyone would fit. So for a few days there it felt like we were back in the city. but today everything settled back down again. 

I love seeing how god has his hand in every part of his work and how he just nudges us a long in the right direction without us even knowing it a lot of times. One morning we headed out to teach a few lessons and had a few people put down in our agendas to visit and as we went from house to house we found a man who was a little beat up with things that happen in the life and really needed some help and encouragement and it was incredible to see how god prepares people and puts them in our path or puts us in their path.. either way works.

Everyone is doing great and a lot of people are progressing well! We have been enjoying our time working hard and seeing the fruits of all the labor.

Elder Holdstock

Ten Traditions for the 18 of September:

1. Flying Kites
2. barbeques
3. A drink called mote con huesillo (look it up)
4. party games like bean bags and stuff like that
5. Empanadas
6. Tops like the toys
7. Chilean flags or go home
8. Dancing `La Cueca`
9. Soccer games
10. Not going to school

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

1234 I declare a thumb war

Here we are again! Another week has flown by. The only thing that I cant understand is how the time keeps moving so quickly. It was also a very busy week which is great! Time flies when you're having fun right? This week we spent a lot of time teaching Francisco who was a miracle. He progressed really well and really quickly. He also is a big fan of bread. So everytime we went over to teach him he had a different type of bread there for us to try. So I think that I have tasted just about every type of bread that chile has to offer now. I remember when Uncle Nathan told me how here in chile they buy stuff everyday and it is very true because the bread is always fresh. Buying bread for the week doesnt exist here, you have to buy every single day when it is hot out of the oven or else.

Speaking of bread, we should probably talk about the bread of life. This week or actually this transfer as a mission we are focusing on getting better at using the book of mormon to help people resolve their concerns and more than anything feel of the spirit which is what gives people the desire to change and to become a part of the church. We had the Zone Conference for about half of the mission out here in our chapel. Because there are a lot of missionaries that have never even seen the coast so we are pretty lucky out here. But the conference was really great it was a good reminder of the importance that the book of mormon has in our lives as missionaries in the lives of our investigators but also in our normal lives as well. I always remember how mom would not let a day slip by without reading the book of mormon, she wouldnt be able to sleep if she didnt read it and she always helped us to read it. And now I understand why! The book of mormon is honestly so cool. It has war, it has drama, it has betrayl, it has hope it has it all. It is impossible to read it without being nurtured and without feeling that it is true. (I tricked ya huh? I said bread of life and then talked about the book of mormon..... whoops)

We found this super cool family this week as well. A mom and her family. They love it. They are catholic but just like all the chileans dont go to church ever and dont even really like the catholic church at all... lol. But they are big fans of the book of mormon as well. The mom reads to her kids every night to put them to bed so she has replaced the regular stories with the book of mormon. And it sounds like they are having some pretty deep discussions as well. Our last visit she told us that she had asked her kids if they believed in the book of mormon and that the kids said yes. I just like kids because they have so much faith. I think that is why Jesus wants us to be like little children. 

This next week is like the 4th of July except chilean. So we will be celebrating with lots of empanadas and asados I think. 

Have the greatest week!

Elder Holdstock

(Did you find the relevance of the subject of this email??)

(It's ok.. there isnt really one...)

We also received an email from Clayton's first companion in the mission field, Elder David Benitez:

Hi, I'm an old companion of the Elder Holdstock.
There is a photo sent for your birthday and a big greeting for you.

Monday, September 4, 2017

*Running out of funny subjects*

Hola Hola!!

How is everyone doing?? We had a great week out here in El Quisco. The change has come to a close and today marks the beginning of another one. Nothing changes for us, Elder Benitez and I stay together out here in the coast but we did have to say good bye to our good friends Elder Plante. This week was a great one as we worked hard and searched long and hard for some new people to teach. 

We have seen lots of miracles and lots of tender mercies. We are teaching a man named Francisco who lives alone and takes care of cabins... He went to church because he was invited by a member and he loves it. He cant wait to be able to get baptized here soon. So always remember that just a simple invitation can change someones whole life and their eternity. Always look for opportunities to be a missionary. Invite someone to an activity or to a Family Night or to Church. I know lots of times we think that everyone we know is already a member or the non members we know would not be interested but that is just not true.

Because this week we taught a family we had found just contacting on the streeet. Turns out that this family lives like a few houses away from our ward mission leader... and it turns out that the wife of the ward mission leader is related to the mom of this family. The ward mission leader never would have thought to invite them to hear missionaries or go to church but turns out that they are actually really interested. So just invite people. The second to worst thing that could happen, is they say no. But the worst thing that could happen is that we dont give them a chance.

It is awesome to be a missionary and see that people are actually searching for the truth. 

This week we had to go into santiago for a training with president which was really great, we learned lots about how to give our all to the mission and be better. we came back and have been working hard this week to put all the things we learned into practice.

OH and thank you for all the birthday wishes! I got the package from you guys too. That was way rad  you guys are the coolest!!!!

Keep on keepin on

Elder Holdstock

Monday, August 28, 2017

Chillin in Chile

Hola Hola! 

We had an interesting week this week, My companion sprained his ankle getting off the bus so he was not able to walk for a few days and we had to stay in the house for a few... we took advantage of the time to learn some english and to practice lots! You dont realize the things you love until you cant do them anymore is the thought that I had just those two days... and that is pretty drama queen of me, i know, but it is true.. and it is always good to have reminders like that so that you can take advantage of every moment that you have and make the best of it.

This week in church the lesson was on developing talents, the teacher told us about a guy in santiago that is a shoeshiner, and how nobody in their right mind should aspire to be a shoeshiner right?  but that this shoeshiner in particular is considered the best shoe shiner in chile and since he has dedicated himself to developing his talents people will wait in a line to have their shoes shined by this man while at the same time nobody would wait one minute for someone else to shine their shoes. It reminds me of what Grandpa Smart always says that it doesnt matter what you want to do as long as you are the best at it.

We have a lot of opportunites to develop our talents I hope we never get comfortable and that we always stretch ourselves to improve and develop because after all we only have a small amount of time, let the Lord shape you and mold you as you develop your talents and he will make you into the person he knows you can be which more times than not is ten times the person that we ourselves think we can be.

This week we were walking in the street and came across a mom with her daughter who we stopped to talk to. She looked at us and then at our nametags intensely before saying you guys are mormons right? We said that we were and waited to hear her tell us about how she didnt like us very much... but instead she said, three days ago I was thinking about how I want to baptize my daughter and I was trying to decide in which church I would do it and I would only let her get baptized mormon, and I am also really interested so when could we meet up? We tried to play it really cool of course... but inside we were so excited. We set up an appointment with her and look forward to seeing how they progress.

I dont know how the hour I have to write always disappears but I hope that the first week of school was great for everyone and that you all enjoy every moment...

Rip it up.

Elder Holdstock

(P.S. cut your hair @mybrothers)


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

hola hola

Dear Fam,

This week was a great one, we had some great lessons with some super cool people. This next week we should be having some baptisms so that will be awesome! We have been teaching a little bit in creole these last few weeks so I have had to learn a lot more creole. Now I can pretty much teach about the gospel of jesus christ in creole but much more is still pretty hard but it is ok because we just get really creative in how we explain things when we dont know the words. Just imagine lots of charades and youve got the idea. 

That is super great that soccer has been going great! I am excited for you guys to start your seasons and start to really take out the trash. I wanted to know if Sam thinks that he can head the ball better because his hair is so long... or if he is just trying to be the next Kyle Beckerman....?

Sandra and Braulio have agreed to have a date to get married before next sunday so that was really awesome. We had a pretty cool lesson with a family in the ward and they talked about how their marriage has blessed their lives a ton. So they committed to just to it because they want to it has just been like a bother to actually go and do it. But they are excited and want to set a good example for their kids. 

It looks like you guys had a fun little family get together! That is the best part about the gospel is that we get to be together forever. There are a lot of people that cant wrap their head around what that really means. But it is a huge blessing! I try to explain that to people especially to the families and the parents that the impact that their decisions will make on their future family is huge.

I have been studying Grandpa Tim´s conversion story a lot this week and have been really impressed by it because if you havent read it it talks about how he desired an answer to his prayers but never got one... so then he decided that to really gain a testimony he had to act and he took a leap of faith and agreed to get baptized. But that after he had acted with faith he gained his testimony. That is a lot harder than it sounds and I am grateful for great examples of faith in my life. Of people who act without knowing for certain how things will result but act with hope. 

God always will provide is what the scriptures promise us, he will prepare the way for us to keep his commandments because he knows that obedience will make us happy and he wants us to be happy. But he also requires that we exercise our faith that we reach out to him, he is always there but if we dont believe it there is nothing he can do.

Just trust him and rely on him so that he can bless you. 

Elder Holdstock

(P.S. One talent that I have developed is that I can literally relate any gospel topic to soccer... so test me out.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fuego Puro

Hey Fam.

Ooh before i even start I have to tell you thanks for the birthday package you sent!! It got here and is already being well used... and be used I mean eaten ;) It is crazy to think that I will be 20 years old here in a few weeks. I like being younger.... I remember when you are a little and can´t see over the counter at the store you always wish that youre older than you are but when you get older you always wish you were younger... Rip. but that is just how it is I guess the time keeps on moving forward so you have to take advantage of it!

I was reading some of the little letters that you guys all sent me a while back and I really liked one from uncle Paul that said 'always remember that the time to focus one hundred percent on the savior doesnt last long, even when the days are long' or something like that at least. Annnd it is really true but the problem is that the days are even getting shorter! And I dont know what to do with myself. Time moves so quick and there is nothing we can do about it.

I guess the one cool thing is that it doesnt require a life time to make a change that will last a lifetime. Even if we look at the mission of jesus christ.. at least the recorded mission in the bible didnt last a very long time. but in that small portion of time he made the difference that will last the eternities. Whether that change be in us or in another person we can do it in an instant and it can last forever. 

This week we had a little bit of everything! We had some rain some shine some lessons some people in church and all in all it was great! Sandra continues searching for her answer to whether or not the church is true. She is starting to understand the importance of reading the book of mormon everyday and praying to know if it is true. The book of mormon really is the bom and is perfect and if you read it with a sincere heart there is no way that you can deny its divinity. 

We got to know a lot of great people this week and a few that are working towards baptism so that will be great to see the progress that they make over the next few weeks.

Oh also I am pretty impressed with the painting job of mitchell and sam.. and also impressed at the length of your guy's hair... hehe I hope that everyone is doing so great and that you have a great first week of school! I dont know if it is this week or the next one.. but always remember to be good and do good. That school is the best place to make changes that will last a lifetime in ourselves and in others.

Elder Holdstock


Monday, August 7, 2017

It sounds like the warmer it gets here in chile the closer it is getting to school time in USA. So I would like to start out my remarks by sending a heartfelt sympathy call to all those that have to return to school in the next few weeks. :´( I shall shed a tear for you. Just kidding school was legit I loved it. (After 2:35 de la tarde)  

Today we just got back from playing soccer on a turf field. It was the first time I have played soccer on 'grass' for like 10 months. So that was way sick. But I have lost all my talents... I am feeling like an old man to be honest... I run around for a little bit and I am already gassed. But me and Elder Plante still take out the chileans trash so dont even worry about it. 

But as far as my schooling is going here in chile All is well. We are always well instructed by the experiences we have and by the spirit and by the scriptures. This weekend was an eventful and busy one. We had some baptisms and we hosted a Capilla Abierta. But all went great.

The Capilla Abierta was a success and lots of people came and everyone worked really great together and at the end of it we got to have Dylan's baptism. Dylan is 10 but just gets it. His parents are members but had never taken their kids to church. But we found them and started teaching and they all slowly started making changes. Dylan just understands everything we teach him. It is so awesome because that doesnt happen very often that someone understands all the concepts the first time but he did. He was so excited to get baptized and he told us he wanted to so that he could follow god in his life. 

The sunday after his confirmation he asked us where the tithing slips were so that he could pay his tithing. Some of his family had given him money as a gift and he wanted to make sure that he paid his tithing before doing anything else. I was so impressed. He will be a great example for his family. 

We made cookies to take to the baptism, so shout out to mom for teaching me how to read recipes. Everybody loved them. Now we are on to the next adventure. That is the thing is that the work never stops there is always someone else waiting and in need. I hope that everyone is doing well. Keep on keepin on.

Elder Holdstock

(The computer is super slow soooooo ill send pics next week)

Monday, July 31, 2017

Unto Us A Child Is Born

Well... I am a dad.

haha. We this last Tuesday I received my new companion. I am his first companion. so in missionary words I am his dad. And he is my son. His name is Elder Benitez which is pretty crazy because my trainers name is Elder Benitez! So I got trained by Elder Benitez and now I am training an Elder Benitez. He is from Buenos Aires Argentina, which is like a different world compared to chile so I am learning lots of new argentine words.

He is a convert of just 2 years which is super cool him and his family got baptized together and he wanted to serve a mission. He is super prepared though and is super excited to work! The coast is treating us well as you can imagine and is starting to warm up so we are enjoying every second of our time. 

We had a lot of meetings this week and I was in Santiago for most the week so we didnt have a ton of time to be in our sector but we did have some great lessons and found some awesome people. We had a lesson with Sandra and Braulio, we found out they are not married so we had to talk to them about that. But they received it really well and it was honestly one of the best lessons I have had in my whole mission. They have kids and have been together for over 10 years they just have never done what they need to to get married. But they dont have anything against it they said so here in a few weeks we should be having a wedding! 

This week Dylan and his family came to church in preparation for his baptism this week. He is super awesome. He is 10 years old and just gets it. We will explain things and I am almost certain that he has no clue what we taught him but then I ask what he understood and just explains it perfectly so that is way cool. He is kind of a little bit more shy but every once in a while he will crack us a smile that lets us now that he is having a good time. 

Something that I have learned this week is just how important is to surround yourself with good people I have met so many people who are members of the church who have testimonies of the restauracion but that have fallen away and it is because other people in their lives dont have a good influence on them, the gospel is hard to live alone, even though salvation is a personal affair and we are accountable for our own actions it is a lot more enjoyable to have the support of friends. That is why god put us here in families afterall.

I have been grateful for the influences I have had in my life and the people that have helped me remember the small things and help me correct myself when I needed to be. So be a good friend and be a good influence that is one of the best ways to be a missionary. 

Elder Holdstock

Monday, July 24, 2017

Some pretty cool things also happened this week.

Like always. hehe

Sam has been asking me all this time if I have had to eat fish yet out here. And I havent ever answered him I dont think... whoops.. but the answer is yes. And the first time it was alright.. the second time it was really gross.. but I ate it for the third time last night and it was actually super good. Last night we ate Swordfish... so that is pretty intense. These members told us that they wanted to make us some swordfish because it is the best fish there is.. and they were right it was pretty great.. so if you guys can get your hands on some swordfish out there in the great salt lake.. go for it.

Another funny little story on pride; a few days ago we met a guy at his door and we told him that we had a super awesome video that we wanted to share with him so he let us in.. We show videos off of our little pen drives because most the TVs now in day have the ability to show videos off of pen drives. So we threw it in the back of his TV and opened up the pen drive but the video would not play. So instead of just giving up and saying it didnt work this guy tried for like 30 minutes doing the exact same thing over and over again to try and get the pen drive to work in his TV. ´no I know how to make it work´ he kept saying... after all that time I had told him like 7 times it was ok and we would love to just share a scripture with him.. and finally he just settled for that.. but it was way funny. Maybe this is more a lesson on diligence than it is on pride... or maybe not.

We had a super cool lesson this week with Sandra and Braulio (they are the worlds biggest pool people) it was on the plan of salvation and we decided to make it interactive so we turned their house into the plan of salvation... and we acted it out. So we turned out all the lights and passed through different rooms reading about the different kingdoms of glory. and in each room the light would get brighter and brighter. I remembered when we did an activity like this in Woods Cross where they told us we were going on a trip to hawaii but we ended up crashing in the ´airplane´when we were traveling and we had to pass through the same and it was super cool. They loved it and it helped them understand the importance of doing what we need to to reach the celestial kingdom.

This week was the finish of the change. It was fun to be with Elder Clements but he had changes away and I will find out who my new companion will be tomorrow when they get here so I am excited for that. We will find out soon!! 

Dylan is also another kid we have been teaching who is part of an inactive family that we are helping come back to church. He went to church for the first time in his life this last week and his mom for the first time in 16 years. He is 10 but really wants to know more about how he can pass the sacrament so we will be working for that ;) 

It even snowed here in Santiago! But not out on the coast so we were good. It is actually starting to warm up a little bit so that is good. 

Also I heard Jeremiah just left for San Antonio Texas right? And I realized that I am also in San Antonio.. At least that is the name of my stake.. so that is pretty neat too. 

Anyway I hope everybody keeps up the good work. Summer is already ending I think which is really crazy how quick it went! 

Be good Do Good.

Elder Holdstock

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Buena Vista

Sounds like things are really heating up back home... yikes. haha Here it is the complete opposite. We have had some record lows and snow even fell in Santiago which is pretty crazy that doesnt happen all too often so everyone was pretty excited about that. Out here in the coast we didnt get any snow just some good cold is all.

This week was a great one. President gave us the idea to organize soccer games at night time in the church with the lights on so we started that this week and had a great turn out of members and kids and even some investigators. After the game Elder Clements and I got picked up by a member family from a ward in my last zone who recognized me and invited us over to their condo to have once with them. So that was pretty cool we got to have some good completos with them and then headed back home that night.

We helped Sandra and Braulio (the worlds bigget pool people) move their condos they moved from a really nice place to a super nice place... haha we had to drag their fridge across a bunch of sand. That

was another one of those who would have ever thought moments. Dragging a fridge across some man made beach in chile. Just another day in the life I guess.

We also had divisions this week and I got to go with Elder Tiev. How crazy right? So that was fun to be his first division in the mission. He is already speaking spanish well and it was good to work a day with him. This last week we found a family that is super cool.

they are name Guillermo and Sylvia and Florencia and Javier. It is not often that you find an entire family that is interested that have never heard about the church before but they are super cool and are already in love with the idea of going to the celestial kingdom together. I am also in love with the idea of them being able to do that.

We are also working with a bunch of part member families who have kids that are ready to get baptized and helping them come back to church and remember about all the things that they have learned. 

I hope that everyone is doing well and that nobody is going to have any more forest fires this week. Lets try to just chill out a little ok?? 

Keep on keepin on.

Elder Holdstock


This was from a letter sent home by Elder Tiev this week:
This week was a really, really long week but at the same time it felt like it flew by. First off lets start on tuesday! I had a great time spending the whole day and night with the One and Only ELDER HOLDSTOCK! Ah It was such a great experience and anybody who knew him I bet you could understand what I mean when I say he´s an amazing missionary. Nothing less than you'd expect and I look up to the example he's set. I learned a lot from him. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Low Key

This week was a pretty low key one. We had a good Sunday yesterday and had quite a few people in church. The vacation season is starting up again for winter break out here so El Quisco is filling up quite a bit but not with people that live here but with people who are visiting from out of town. I cant remember if I ever told you but the worlds biggest pool (or so they say) is in our Sector. It is called San Alfonso Del Mar. and it really is huge. It is like a giant 6 building hotel and along the entire length of it is this huge swimming pool. Anyway the general manager of that entire place is a member. And his wife is not. So we teach her.
Image result for san alfonso del mar

This place is pretty crazy because the diversity is incredible. We can go from teaching someone who lives in the garage of someones summer home to teaching someone who lives in a pent house over looking the worlds biggest pool in the same day. What that means is that the gospel doesnt have a demographic. It is for literally everyone. Doesnt matter where you live or how you live the light of Christ can and will reach you if you allow it to.
A lot of time though it takes a little bit of a sacrifice to live the gospel and qualify for its blessings. One of my favorite scriptures this week Is Ether 12:6 That talks about how god will bless us but never before we exercise our faith.
But the Lord will always bless us if we exercise our faith. He will always make us better buoy us up and help us progress. And if endure well God promises to visit us.
Mosiah 14:14 And will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that evenyou cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will do thatye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of surety that I, theLord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.

It sounds like you all had a great fourth of July!! We celebrated here with our ward mission leader who gave us some barbeque so that was pretty great! I hope that you celebrated with lots of Fireworks and that Abby can run faster and jump higher now that she is 11!

Elder Holdstock

Monday, July 3, 2017

I saw a pillar of light this week.

hehe. This is just a little bit a way from our house out here in Algarrobo.

This week we had a good week! We had a normal sunday without rain and in our chapel so people actually came to church! We have found some pretty cool people too. 

Last night we taught a bunch of haitians that asked us all the right questions like how do we know which of all the churches are true? and How can I follow Jesus Christ?? And How can I go on a mission like you guys? When lessons like that happen you always look around to make sure that there arent any hidden cameras and that we are not getting punked. 

We helped reconstruct some houses this last week as well because the investigators of another sector had a house burn down a little bit. So that was fun to help them build a little bit. 

July 4th Manana!!! WE are pretty excited. Our ward mission leader has invited us over to a barbeque so that we can celebrate Independence day correctly. Chile lost yesterday so there were no fireworks that I could just call 4th of july fireworks. So that was too bad. But it was also funny because everyone asked me if I was German.... everyone always thinks I am german. 

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Sounds like you are enjoying summer.

This week we also ate with some members. The wife is canadian and the husband is chilean but he speaks english perfectly. They live Like an hour up a canyon on top of this little mountain. But every once in a while you have moments in your life where you realize where you are and what youre doing and it is just like wow... who would have imagined. And that was one of them. How many people can say that they are a missionary eating lunch with a canadian chilean family on top of a mountain on the coast of Chile with 4 rotweilers outside??

The mission is pretty cool. Hope everyone enjoys the fireworks.

Keep it up.

Elder Holdstock

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

River Rafting in June

Monday, June 19, 2017


Week one from the coast has come to a close but it has been a great one! We had a baptism this week... not really but kind of.. haha. So what happend is that at the end of last change the other sector in our ward baptized a little 8 year old girl. Because our ward is huuuuge so there are four missionaries in it. But turns out that the missionary that baptized her used his left arm... and that doesnt fly... you have to use your right arm to baptize someone... but they realized the mistake and so we had to baptize her again... but she ended up choosing elder Clements to baptize her this time because the other missionary had had transfers. Anyway we got her baptized again and this time it counts. except she didnt show up yesterday to get confirmed soooo she might have to get baptized 3 times.... haha.

This week I have just been getting to know the sector because it is very large. It is like 5 different coastal cities. I dont think I will ever know all of it. I have been feeling like I am on the oregon coast because there is tons of forest but it is right on the beach too. It is way pretty.
When it rains out here it pours. on friday we had a training in a different part of the mission so we had to take a bus out for that... but when we got back home it was raining sooo hard holy. we ran home and found that all our lights are out. so we had to go to the store and buy candles. On the way to the store a huge bus drove by and drennnnnched us it was just really funny. we were soaked. But we got home and lit all the candles right as the power came back.
Look who I found!! Elder Tiev just got here! He is actually in my district. so that is pretty cool.

Sometimes to go from one part of the sector to the other it is faster to go through the forests so we go hiking every once in a while too.... 

Yesterday we had a 4th floor last door moment as we had been knocking doors alll day just trying to find someone and it was super late and when it is cold and late the chileans have even more excuses to not let you in... but we got to the end of a super long street and knocked the last house on it and the guy let us in automatically. They were super cool so we hope they can progress lots!
i hope everyone is having a great summer so far!!

Rip it up.

Elder Holdstock

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Changes happened yesterday. I am now on the other side of the mission in El Quisco. It is a little beach town. It is one of the biggest sectors in the mission because most of the houses here are empty during the winter because it is like a tourist area where people come from out of town to stay for the summer. And you will never guess who my companion is.... Elder Clements. The guy that you guys met in skype. We actually used to be companions for a few minutes back in my first sector. But now we are officially together. It is kinda crazy! But we are excited. 

My last week in Ochagavia was awesome. We had a lot of cool things happen. I cant remember if I told you about Hector or not.. but Hector is a guy that used to go to church like a long long time ago. But when we knocked on his door. it was super late and so he asked us immediately to come back another day. We went back and taught him and he was super awesome. Anyway this week he had to get to church so that he could work towards his baptism... but the problem is that he is a super involved guy in the community he has a lot of leadership positions in lots of organizations and things like that. But we told him that we really knew that he would love church. We read 1 nephi 3:7 with him which talks about that the lord will prepare that way for us to keep his commandments. And without us saying anything Hector said that he wasnt the type of guy to put things off. So he picked up his phone and called his son to cancel their commitment sunday and then after the lesson went to resign from one of his organizations so that he would be able to go to church on sunday. It was an incredible example of faith that Hector showed. Sometimes you leave lessons and just dont even believe what happened.

I went to say goodbye to mario who is that spouse of the russian orthodox I think I have talked about before. He is a cool guy. but when we were leaving he asked if one of us had a dad that was a doctor... So I said that I did. And he just laughed a little. Then he told us that he had seen like a flash forward sort of thing (He has told us that he has flash forwards sometimes. Like de ja vu but reverse where he sees something that will happen in the future weird I know) But that I was there with his family. And a doctor so that was kinda crazy that he saw that... who knows maybe someday we will all be back here. 

I hope that everyone is getting off to a great start of their summer!! Thanks for keeping me updated on everything! I love hearing from ya. 

Keep on keepin on.

Elder Holdstock

This is Elder Donoso.  He gets left with a member family and they are supposed to share the contents of his backpack with their non-member friends.

Elder Lunt.  This is the companion Clayton just left as he headed for his new area.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hola hola hola!

we are entering into our last week of the change. The entire mission is pretty much leaving these next 2 changes so we are going to be super super super young. Like we are going to be receiving close to 40 new missionaries in the next 3 months. So things are pretty crazy right now. 

Our week was great though. We have been finding a lot of awesome people this week. Our tactic is we literally just talk to everyone and anyone. If they are in the street in their house doesnt matter we just talk to them. We met this guy named jose this week in the street. Jose has one of the coolest mustaches I have ever seen and is 24 years old. He lives in front of the church actually but has never been in his life. He went with us this last sunday and had a great time. 

We also met a guy named Hector who when we knocked on his door said I was wanting to talk to you guys can you come by tomorrow?? And so of course we said yes.. but we tried to act cool about it ya feel? but turns out he went to church like thirty years ago for like 6 months but never got baptized and is like rearranging his whole schedule so he can go to church on sundays. 

Fabiano is coming along slowly but surely. We are just super homies with him... and we decided to tell him that his baptismal interview was this week even though we still arent even sure if he wants to get baptized or not.. but he has been an investigator for 15 years so all rules are off... hehe just kidding but pray for him because he is the only piece of the puzzle that is missing so that some day his family can get sealed in the temple. 

I hope everything is great at home... it sounds like there is a little bit of savagery when it comes to soccer. that is what I am talking about. 

Elder Holdstock

Monday, May 29, 2017

AHHHLOOO (that´s how you get people to come to the door in chile)

This week was great! We were able to have a visit from Elder Packard of the 70 this past week and he gave us some great trainings. He served as a mission president in Spain a long time ago and just taught us things that will help us be better teachers and better missionaries. He and his wife both speak spanish so that was fun that they were able to talk to everyone themselves without a translator. One of the things he talked about was helping investigators connect the dots. Like in a dot to dot. The gospel of Jesus Christ is like that. There are lots of principles we teach but every principle has a reason and a connecting line that helps create the image of eternal life and exaltation. 

Yesterday in the Gospel principles class they were talking about baptism and a recent convert named San Louis was there. He is haitian and just a funny guy. Anyway the teacher was talking about how when she got baptized she had to use both of her hands to plug her ears because for some reason she cant let water into her ears. But when he heard that he just thought it was so funny for some reason and just died laughing and he has a laugh that is super contagious and so of course the rest of us died too. We were there like 5 minutes just laughing... If you didnt laugh this week you gotta do it again because laughing is life.

Karina got baptized this last week as well! Her mom is a member of about 3 years. She used to be Adventista I am not really sure how to say that in english but you get the idea. But this week she finally felt ready to take that step and get baptized so that was awesome to see her make that decision.

Elder Donoso has also been hard at work. He was with a family this week named the nuñez family and the mom used to be a sister missionary in washington dc so she speaks pretty decent english but we were in their apartment building and we had just finished up teaching a lesson and were coming down the stairs when I saw hermana nuñez outside a door and she just looked at me and said élder this lady wants to receive you guys. She decided that her and her daughter would just take out elder donoso and start knocking a few doors in her building when she found this young girl who has been passing through some hard times and invited her to listen to us. I was blown away that this lady just went out and started knocking doors in her apartment building to find someone for us to teach. We are going to have a lesson with her new friend this week. 

We are also teaching another man named Fabiano who is the dad of a family of members. he is from Rio De Janeiro and is such a homie. He used to never go to church with his family but has started to go just recently. He always wears a beanie so we are trying to find out if he can just wear a white beanie when he gets baptized. haha just kidding but he is awesome he just has a little bit of fear about making a commitment and not being able to keep it or falling after he has been made clean. But that is the best part about Jesus is that everytime we come to him with a sincere heart he will help us and lift us up.

We have so many great people here in our sector and so many people that are already changing their lives and becoming better people. That is what the great part about being a missionary is. Seeing how people change based on their love for our savior. He loves us and he only asks that we give a portion of that love back to him. 

I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Holdstock

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


This week we were blessed to see lots of miracles and lots of tender mercies. At the end of last week were a Little bit out of breath we felt like we had done all we could and just hadn't seen the fruits of any of our labors. But this week we just decided to refocus set new goals put our faith in the lord and do are part. It is incredible how the lord will always bless us with what we need in the very momento we need it. Not when we always think we do but when he knows it is prudent.

We have been teaching a girl named Karina for over a change, she is the daughter of a convert and has been coming to church for a while now. She used to be Adventist but has been receiving the lessons from us.. We didnt feel like she had a ton of interest though and didn't really know what we could do to help her even progress at all. But this week we went and had a lesson with her and it is one time in my life that I can say that I don't remember what we said but it felt good and she accepted everything we had to invite her to do. It was a miracle to see how the lord Works in his own time.

Margot came to church this week which was awesome it has been four or five weeks of trying to get her to come and something always would happen and she wouldnt be able to. But this time she got there. I am certain she had the time of her life. after sunday school I told her she had to go to another class with all the women and she just said 'oh how fun'. 

Sometimes I cant remember what I have told in my emails and no so sorry if I ever repeat things.. RIP. but our first day together we met a menos activa named gabriella. And the best thing about menos activas is that sometimes they have kids who arent baptized. We were actually looking for someone else when we found her and she helped us find where we were going and we started to converse with her and found out she was a member. She told us her husband was in the hospital and about to have surgery and really sick. She asked if we could go give him a blessing unfortunaltely we couldnt because it was outside of our misión but we told her we would have someone from the Ward take care of him. The bishop sent one of his counselors to give the blessing to this hermano. Anyway we went and visited them and we met the guy that was sick and he told us he was completely healed that they did surgery and the next day he was healed. Hermana Gabriella has come to church two sundays in a row now and is a great example to her family.

Just always remember that with prayers of faith and action God will bless you and lift you beyond the potential that you know but he will lift you to the potential he sees in you. Hope everyone had a swell week!!

Elder Holdstock

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Yesterday was the!! Everybody looked so great and so much older and a little bit wiser too!! 

This week was a good one we had stake conference and like I told ya last night they asked me to play the piano... I have played the piano in church just about every sunday I have been here in chile. And they usually just choose whatever songs they want and so dad asked if I had learned any new hymns and I have because I try to just play whatever they ask me to.. haha I am getting a lot better at sight reading I think Grandma Smart would be so proud!

This week was a good one. We committed our russian orthodox investigator Romina to go to church every sunday with us and read and pray with all her might so that she can get an answer from god. We went to church with an haitiana friend who was excited and getting ready for baptism when she told us that this week she will be moving to another neighborhood that is not part of our sector. But we will for sure send the missionaries to her house to finish what we started. 

 Today was a crazy day because I had to go do my visa... I had to go become legal. So we ran around like crazy and waited in lots of lines. in one of the buildings they would only let me in alone becuase my companion was not doing his visa so he had to stay outside. So I was alone for the first in my mission. But it was ok because I made friends with some people from venezuela next to me and like two people infront of me was a colombian who is a member we all started talking about the book of mormon... and then an haitiano asked me what the difference was between Jehovah and Jesus Christ so I explained to him how we believe Jesus Christ is the Jehovah of the old testament but it was just really cool that there we were in the middle of these huge lines and like ten of us were just all talking about the gospel. They all left with pass along cards and I for sure took down their addresses.

I hope this next week with soccer goes so great and everyone wins. I pray for you all on the daily and hope that youre doing wonderfully. Don´t forget to say your prayers because that is the most important.

Keep ripping it up!

Elder Holdstock