Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hola hola hola!

we are entering into our last week of the change. The entire mission is pretty much leaving these next 2 changes so we are going to be super super super young. Like we are going to be receiving close to 40 new missionaries in the next 3 months. So things are pretty crazy right now. 

Our week was great though. We have been finding a lot of awesome people this week. Our tactic is we literally just talk to everyone and anyone. If they are in the street in their house doesnt matter we just talk to them. We met this guy named jose this week in the street. Jose has one of the coolest mustaches I have ever seen and is 24 years old. He lives in front of the church actually but has never been in his life. He went with us this last sunday and had a great time. 

We also met a guy named Hector who when we knocked on his door said I was wanting to talk to you guys can you come by tomorrow?? And so of course we said yes.. but we tried to act cool about it ya feel? but turns out he went to church like thirty years ago for like 6 months but never got baptized and is like rearranging his whole schedule so he can go to church on sundays. 

Fabiano is coming along slowly but surely. We are just super homies with him... and we decided to tell him that his baptismal interview was this week even though we still arent even sure if he wants to get baptized or not.. but he has been an investigator for 15 years so all rules are off... hehe just kidding but pray for him because he is the only piece of the puzzle that is missing so that some day his family can get sealed in the temple. 

I hope everything is great at home... it sounds like there is a little bit of savagery when it comes to soccer. that is what I am talking about. 

Elder Holdstock

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