Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Changes happened yesterday. I am now on the other side of the mission in El Quisco. It is a little beach town. It is one of the biggest sectors in the mission because most of the houses here are empty during the winter because it is like a tourist area where people come from out of town to stay for the summer. And you will never guess who my companion is.... Elder Clements. The guy that you guys met in skype. We actually used to be companions for a few minutes back in my first sector. But now we are officially together. It is kinda crazy! But we are excited. 

My last week in Ochagavia was awesome. We had a lot of cool things happen. I cant remember if I told you about Hector or not.. but Hector is a guy that used to go to church like a long long time ago. But when we knocked on his door. it was super late and so he asked us immediately to come back another day. We went back and taught him and he was super awesome. Anyway this week he had to get to church so that he could work towards his baptism... but the problem is that he is a super involved guy in the community he has a lot of leadership positions in lots of organizations and things like that. But we told him that we really knew that he would love church. We read 1 nephi 3:7 with him which talks about that the lord will prepare that way for us to keep his commandments. And without us saying anything Hector said that he wasnt the type of guy to put things off. So he picked up his phone and called his son to cancel their commitment sunday and then after the lesson went to resign from one of his organizations so that he would be able to go to church on sunday. It was an incredible example of faith that Hector showed. Sometimes you leave lessons and just dont even believe what happened.

I went to say goodbye to mario who is that spouse of the russian orthodox I think I have talked about before. He is a cool guy. but when we were leaving he asked if one of us had a dad that was a doctor... So I said that I did. And he just laughed a little. Then he told us that he had seen like a flash forward sort of thing (He has told us that he has flash forwards sometimes. Like de ja vu but reverse where he sees something that will happen in the future weird I know) But that I was there with his family. And a doctor so that was kinda crazy that he saw that... who knows maybe someday we will all be back here. 

I hope that everyone is getting off to a great start of their summer!! Thanks for keeping me updated on everything! I love hearing from ya. 

Keep on keepin on.

Elder Holdstock

This is Elder Donoso.  He gets left with a member family and they are supposed to share the contents of his backpack with their non-member friends.

Elder Lunt.  This is the companion Clayton just left as he headed for his new area.

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