Monday, June 19, 2017


Week one from the coast has come to a close but it has been a great one! We had a baptism this week... not really but kind of.. haha. So what happend is that at the end of last change the other sector in our ward baptized a little 8 year old girl. Because our ward is huuuuge so there are four missionaries in it. But turns out that the missionary that baptized her used his left arm... and that doesnt fly... you have to use your right arm to baptize someone... but they realized the mistake and so we had to baptize her again... but she ended up choosing elder Clements to baptize her this time because the other missionary had had transfers. Anyway we got her baptized again and this time it counts. except she didnt show up yesterday to get confirmed soooo she might have to get baptized 3 times.... haha.

This week I have just been getting to know the sector because it is very large. It is like 5 different coastal cities. I dont think I will ever know all of it. I have been feeling like I am on the oregon coast because there is tons of forest but it is right on the beach too. It is way pretty.
When it rains out here it pours. on friday we had a training in a different part of the mission so we had to take a bus out for that... but when we got back home it was raining sooo hard holy. we ran home and found that all our lights are out. so we had to go to the store and buy candles. On the way to the store a huge bus drove by and drennnnnched us it was just really funny. we were soaked. But we got home and lit all the candles right as the power came back.
Look who I found!! Elder Tiev just got here! He is actually in my district. so that is pretty cool.

Sometimes to go from one part of the sector to the other it is faster to go through the forests so we go hiking every once in a while too.... 

Yesterday we had a 4th floor last door moment as we had been knocking doors alll day just trying to find someone and it was super late and when it is cold and late the chileans have even more excuses to not let you in... but we got to the end of a super long street and knocked the last house on it and the guy let us in automatically. They were super cool so we hope they can progress lots!
i hope everyone is having a great summer so far!!

Rip it up.

Elder Holdstock

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