Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Shake and Bake

This week as I am sure you heard on the news it has been pretty shakey here in chile! But I have only felt when little temblor. Nothing has happened but everyone is predicting that an earthquake is coming! RIP. It was funny when the first temblor happened. We were in a lesson with an old man called hector. It started to temblar a little bit and I wasnt really sure if it was real or not but then my companion looked at me and said esta temblando... which means this is a temblor. He is chilean and he was more nervous that I was he was like yeah lets go outside. but hector just laughed and told us that that was nothing. He wasnt about to get up out of his chair to move outside. all in all it lasted about 45 seconds! The other ones we didnt feel because we were walking out in the street and when you are moving you dont really feel them. 

We had changes yesterday! That is one of the reasons i didnt get to write home yesterday because we had changes and because it was a holiday yesterday and nobody works on holidays here so the computer places were all closed. I am now with Elder Lunt from Utaaah. He is my first gringo companion! We actually lived together for like 2 weeks in my other sector but now we are working together! 

We finished this week teaching Margot who is the mom of Raul I cant remember if I told you guys about her or not. I think I might of but its ok I will tell you again. She has a book of mormon that one of her friends gave to her over 30 years ago but she never read it. Because she thought it was an american book... and she has hard feelings towards america but I think she is starting to like me at least a little bit. She has started to read the book of mormon and loves it! 

The book of mormon really is awesome and it is the best way we have to learn and receive a testimony that the church is true. there is now way that the book of mormon was written by men that werent inspired of god it just is to complex and too perfect. 

I hope the soccer games are all going well. and everyone is scoring lots of goals!! It is crazy that the soccer season is already ending!!

Hope everyone is so so good!!

Elder holdstock

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