Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Yesterday was the bomb.com!! Everybody looked so great and so much older and a little bit wiser too!! 

This week was a good one we had stake conference and like I told ya last night they asked me to play the piano... I have played the piano in church just about every sunday I have been here in chile. And they usually just choose whatever songs they want and so dad asked if I had learned any new hymns and I have because I try to just play whatever they ask me to.. haha I am getting a lot better at sight reading I think Grandma Smart would be so proud!

This week was a good one. We committed our russian orthodox investigator Romina to go to church every sunday with us and read and pray with all her might so that she can get an answer from god. We went to church with an haitiana friend who was excited and getting ready for baptism when she told us that this week she will be moving to another neighborhood that is not part of our sector. But we will for sure send the missionaries to her house to finish what we started. 

 Today was a crazy day because I had to go do my visa... I had to go become legal. So we ran around like crazy and waited in lots of lines. in one of the buildings they would only let me in alone becuase my companion was not doing his visa so he had to stay outside. So I was alone for the first in my mission. But it was ok because I made friends with some people from venezuela next to me and like two people infront of me was a colombian who is a member we all started talking about the book of mormon... and then an haitiano asked me what the difference was between Jehovah and Jesus Christ so I explained to him how we believe Jesus Christ is the Jehovah of the old testament but it was just really cool that there we were in the middle of these huge lines and like ten of us were just all talking about the gospel. They all left with pass along cards and I for sure took down their addresses.

I hope this next week with soccer goes so great and everyone wins. I pray for you all on the daily and hope that youre doing wonderfully. Don´t forget to say your prayers because that is the most important.

Keep ripping it up!

Elder Holdstock

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