Tuesday, May 23, 2017


This week we were blessed to see lots of miracles and lots of tender mercies. At the end of last week were a Little bit out of breath we felt like we had done all we could and just hadn't seen the fruits of any of our labors. But this week we just decided to refocus set new goals put our faith in the lord and do are part. It is incredible how the lord will always bless us with what we need in the very momento we need it. Not when we always think we do but when he knows it is prudent.

We have been teaching a girl named Karina for over a change, she is the daughter of a convert and has been coming to church for a while now. She used to be Adventist but has been receiving the lessons from us.. We didnt feel like she had a ton of interest though and didn't really know what we could do to help her even progress at all. But this week we went and had a lesson with her and it is one time in my life that I can say that I don't remember what we said but it felt good and she accepted everything we had to invite her to do. It was a miracle to see how the lord Works in his own time.

Margot came to church this week which was awesome it has been four or five weeks of trying to get her to come and something always would happen and she wouldnt be able to. But this time she got there. I am certain she had the time of her life. after sunday school I told her she had to go to another class with all the women and she just said 'oh how fun'. 

Sometimes I cant remember what I have told in my emails and no so sorry if I ever repeat things.. RIP. but our first day together we met a menos activa named gabriella. And the best thing about menos activas is that sometimes they have kids who arent baptized. We were actually looking for someone else when we found her and she helped us find where we were going and we started to converse with her and found out she was a member. She told us her husband was in the hospital and about to have surgery and really sick. She asked if we could go give him a blessing unfortunaltely we couldnt because it was outside of our misiĆ³n but we told her we would have someone from the Ward take care of him. The bishop sent one of his counselors to give the blessing to this hermano. Anyway we went and visited them and we met the guy that was sick and he told us he was completely healed that they did surgery and the next day he was healed. Hermana Gabriella has come to church two sundays in a row now and is a great example to her family.

Just always remember that with prayers of faith and action God will bless you and lift you beyond the potential that you know but he will lift you to the potential he sees in you. Hope everyone had a swell week!!

Elder Holdstock

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