Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh Cielos

And Just like that 2 changes are done and in the books! It´s crazy that I have already been here in chile for that long. I received a new companion today and we will both work in my same area. We are excited to get going. His name Is Elder San Martin and he is chilean... So all the bad habits of chilean spanish that I have been trying to avoid I will probably pick up with him... haha Just kidding. 

Chile is starting to chill out a little bit. The incendios have died down and people are starting to come home from vacations. Because if chileanos aren´t sleeping or eating lunch or working they´re probably on vactions. February is about the end of the vacationing season though and so there should be lots more people home these coming weeks! Which is good because I don´t know about you but I don´t love Gritando at an empty house. 

I was able to give the class this week in our district meeting. We studied about how to use our time wisely and how to work more efficiently. I had us study Jacob 5 and we related our experience in our own sectors to that of the parable of the Vineyard. The part that gets me everytime is when the Lord of the vineyard cries and asks himself what else he could have done for his vineyard. God wants all of us to succeed soooo badly. And he works tirelessly every day to help us do it. Afterall it is his work and his glory. But at the end of the day he might even cry because some people are lost. But we know the truth and we know that following christ will make us happy and those tears that the lord sheds won´t be because of us.

 oh and this is our amigo Steve. 
He loves to follow the missionaries around. One day he followed us for about 8 hours. Even when we would go into a house he would just chill outside and lay in the shade to wait for us and then keep walking with us. It is way funny actually 

Hey rip it up errybody.

Elder Holdstock

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