Monday, January 23, 2017

Buena Buena

Two things

The prophet had mercy on us and we get to sleep until 7 AM TODOS LOS DIAS.

I started to wear pleated pants.

We had a zone conference this week and Presidente let us know about the change in our schedule. We now wake up at 7 and get back to the house at 10. It is great because Chile loves to sleep during the afternoon when its really hot outside so we have lots more success finding people in the nightime.

I know mom doesn´t love the pleated pants but I found some in our pension and I dig. Sooo.. hahaha

This week has been a good one! we have been teaching Florencia. She is 9 years old and her parents are members but she has never been baptized. It is always an experience teaching her because we have to be creative so that she stays interested. This sunday her and her family came to church for the fist time in a long time So that was really cool! We are hoping she will be able to be baptized in the next 2 weeks.

There is Trump fever down here too that´s for sure. Everybody wants to hear my opinion but tricks on them I just teach them about Jesus. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang and so that is always a good talking point for us! Hey if youre intereseted in trump you should watch the choir that sang for him!

I have been studying and coloring in my scriptures because they´re super awesome! It is incredible how much you can learn just from a few verses. I have been reading in Alma, and a little quote I really liked is in Alma 2 verse 28, It talks about how the pueblo had been clamoring to God or praying fervently to him to help them. and it says that the lord heard their cries and freed them from their bondage. Faith and hope are two of my favorite topics to study about and to teach about. Because they go hand in hand you can´t have one with out the other and as you increase one you´ll increase the other also.

I hope it´s all super well up north and that everyone is keeping warm.

Elder Holdstock

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