Monday, February 20, 2017

Buenas Tardes!

So first thing is first shout out to mom for coming in clutch this last week with a good idea! I think you sent me the picture of those missionaries giving out lemonade as a joke....

buuuuut I don´t joke around (ok well that part is a joke). Anyway... This week vacations in chile have been in full swing. That means that nobody is home, all of our investigators have peaced out and are enjoying life on the beach so every time we knock on a door there is nobody behind it! Soooo we have had to get creative here in Chile.

We decided that if we can´t go to the people we would make the people come to us. We set up a table with a sign that said ¨jugo gratis y un mensaje de jesucristo¨ which means free juice and a message of jesus christ. We put ourselves right in the middle of the Feria... which is like the chile version of a farmer´s market. And then we just started giving juice to everybody we could. I even chased ladies across the street with cups of juice for them! It was a funny awesome crazy thing all in one. We feel like it went really well! And if you know me you know how much I love lemonade stands so it was a win win.

I have been studying about the mission of Ammon and his brothers this week and the struggles they had among the lamanites. But how their joy was full because of the souls they brought unto christ. In doctrine and covenants it also talks about the joy that we recieve as we seek and work to bring souls unto christ, even so that if we bring but one soul to him our joy will be full but it wants us to imagine how incredibly happy we will be if we bring many sould unto him. Missionary work isn´t just the work of the nametags and ties but everyone! Everyone who has been baptized a member of the church and a disciple of christ can understand and earn this promise of the scriptures.

Hope that all is well in sunny SLC. or as they call it here La Fabrica, or the factory... because that is where every missionary comes from. haha

Keep it real

and as always my friends,

Rip it up.

Elder Holdstock

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