Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Buena Buena Chiquillos

It is a new change here in Santiago Oeste. Our Zone is practically completely new everyone in the zone has a new companion and we are all ready to get going! Earlier this week we had a cool experience with a lady outside on the street. We were contacting and I saw this lady sitting down on a bucket. In our mission president woodward´s catch phrase, or his vision for us as a mission is ´Hablar con Todos´ which means Talk with Everyone because we never know who will be in our path that is ready to hear the gospel. It sounds a lot easier than it is but we do our best. So with that in mind I walked up to her and asked her how she was doing. I realized after I started talking that she was bawling.
She wouldn´t talk to us so I just crouched down by her and asked if we could pray with her. She nodded and I asked what we could pray for. She told us everything About all the problems with her family the struggles she is having and how hard it´s been for her. We said the prayer and shared various scriptures with her. She calmed down and by the end of our little visit was back on her feet and determined to just face the problems head on. I don´t even know if I will ever see her again because I don´t think she lives in our sector but I loved being a part of seeing how the hope in Christ will help us in whatever situation we are in. If a few verses of scripture could pick up a chileana of the streets of Santiago and give her the perspective to go out and give it her all they can do the same for any one of us. That´t what they are their for to help us learn and to give us hope. Just open them up every once in a while. Christ is there waiting inside to receive you.
Our ward has been shrinking slowly because vacation season is still going strong but by the end of the month we will be back to ourselves.
Oh and Buena Buena chiquillo is what my new companion allllways says and its kinda catchy so try it out... I promise you won´t be disappointed.
Keep it real,
Rip it up.
Elder Holdstock

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