Monday, February 27, 2017

4 Months in a Blink

It is crazy to think that I have already been here in chile for 4 months now and it has honestly felt like a few weeks! That is what happens when you´re working hard right?? This week we were able to start teaching a girl who has received the missionaries before but for some reason they just stopped coming. So we found here again and she is way awesome! She lives about 45 minutes walking from the church and she walked with us all the way there through the rain and back. We are super excited that we are able to teach her. 

We also changed houses! My companion and I now live in our own little house across the street from the stake president. It is nice because it is way clean (because sisters used to live there) and it is closer to our area. We are all settled in now!

February is coming to a close so that means school in chile starts and vacations end!!! WHOO that is a good thing for missionaries since it is always a struggle to find people in their houses during vacations. But thankfully that won´t be a problem any more because all the kids will be in school. 

On the way here we had a cool experience. The driver of our colectivo (or taxi) asked us what elder meant. We told him it meant missionary, then he connected the dots and realized we were mormons. And said ohhh joseph smith and the gold plates right? We told him yep that is us. He was just full of questions so we ended up teaching him lesson one practically all the way through just on the way to the city. We gave him a book of mormon and he started reading it the second we got out of the car. He told us he would love to be able to find a church that he really felt was true and that he could get closer to. He was in awe that joseph smith was a prophet and that he didn´t write the book of mormon by himself but translated it. There are lots of people who are confused about the doctrine of the church and just need a little bit more clarity and they are ready to accept it. Don´t ever forget to share what you know.

Keep on keeping on.

Elder Holdstock

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