Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hola - po,

In Chile they say everything with po at the end... its sorta like a canadian saying eh. Do you like the food? Si'po... hahaha it's funny. Chileans speak kinda like the're singing. I am working hard on my accent... during companionship study I read a few pages from a book and my companion marks every time I pronounce a word bad, at the end I have to do three push ups for every mistake. So at this rate I won't be getting a latino accent but I will have pretty huge arms! 

This week has been a lesson in humility. Our area has a reputation of not being able to find very many new investigators. So this has been the topic of my study this week. There's an entire chapter in preach my gospel dedicated to finding people to teach. Anyway we have decided to take a few of those points and try and use them. After a few days of effort and quite a few prayers we had an awesome day where we found 3 nuevos! It was a lesson to me that we need to always lean on the lord in every moment not just the really bad ones and not just the really good ones.

I forgot my cord to send pics today so I will hit you up next week. But It's so funny because the people here are blown away to see a gringo that can juggle a soccer ball. Hahaha I have a video of me with like 10 kids surrounding me as I juggled for them. It's a good conversation starter that's for sure!

I hope everything is so good at home. Don't forget to apply your sunscreen because It is hot outside!!

Elder Holdstock

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