Monday, December 26, 2016

Feliz Navidad

Today is the start of my second change! It feels like yesterday I was just a wee little greenie... I guess I still am a greenie but still I feel older so that´s nice. We got to have a christmas zone conference this week where we watched the Christmas devotional and ate a lunch with everyone and traded gifts. I got somebody one of those creepy little cats that just stares into your soul and waves at you. I don´t know why I did that to the poor guy....

If you want to do something fun watch a president monson talk in spanish... It cracks me up every time he starts to talk `my beloved brothers and sisters` and then the translator comes on over the top `mis queridos hermanos y hermanas` I don´t know maybe nobody else will think that its funny but I always get a kick out of it.
Secret Santa Gift Clayton made so you're always dressed
when you look in the mirror.

The Elders helped put up this sisters Christmas Tree
Christmas celebration with the mission.

Clayton and his companions Elder Benitez from Ecuador
and Elder Clements from Idaho
It was good to see everybody and their smiling faces on skype! That was definitely a good christmas present! We celebrated by sleeping in until 8 o clock thanks to president, and we found the bottom half of a christmas tree on the side of the road so you better believe we took that back to our house and decorated it. We put our presents underneath and opened them in the morning. We got little shot glasses from the bishop.. and mugs with tea in it from some investigators.... *facepalm* hahaha no it´s herbal so don´t even worry about it.
Family Skype

We got to have dinner with the bishop on nochebuena with his family. It was really good! The bishop told us to tell everyone hi! He likes to kiss us on the cheek so that´s neat. It´s a chilean thing.... or is it...

I hope that everyone everywhere has had a wonderful christmas!! I love hearing from you and seeing pictures! Keep on keeping on. 

Remember that Christmas is cool because we get to remember christ but that just because it´s not christmas doesn´t mean that we shouldn´t be thinking about him. We get to go to church every week to do that and say our prayers everyday and read his counsel for us in the scriptures. We get to remember him cada dia.

Elder H

(Since chileans can´t say my name...)

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