Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This week has been quite eventful! I am now in a trio for the last little bit of this transfer with Elder Benitez and Elder Clements. Elder Clement´s companion had to go home to help his family out with some things but he will be back in a jif! So now we have two areas to cover because we inherited their area as well. Our ward is split into the two areas and so the ward has had two sets of missionaries. Now they only have three.. It has been quite a bit of walking but it has paid off! Now that we have three we are able to enter any house we want. Before if there was a woman alone we would have had to wait and set a date for another day when we could return with someone from the ward. That has been really awesome! 

We were also supposed to have a baptism this sunday, one of elder clement´s investigators who was all ready to be baptized but when we called her the day before her interview elder clements told her, just so you know in your interview they are going to ask about coffee and tea and stuff just to make sure that you haven´t had any this week. Annnnnnnnnnd she had had coffee that last sunday. The rule is that you have to keep the word of wisdom for one week before your baptism... so unforunately we had to move it back a week. It was kind of funny to tell you the truth because we went to visit her later and she just said sorry I forgot... then she showed us the can of coffee she had and it said caffeine free on the front but on the nutrition facts showed that it had caffeine. Oh dear what are we going to do. But she is going to get rid of it she told us!

I am stoked to here that everyone´s soccer games are going well and that you´re putting the hammer down and just megging some kids. Every chance I get we play with kids and I can never help but go for the meg when I see the opportunity. 

On Sunday we ate with a family who the husband is from brazil. He does the brazilian fight martial art thing I can´t remember what it is called.... but he is so ripped. Anyway he was telling us about when brazil won the world cup in 2002 he was living in chile and he ran outside with his brazil flag in the streets. When Chilean teams are playing soccer it is pretty funny because everyone is just watching the games. We go to a door and they just yell to us that they are watching the game. And when a goal is scored everybody knows because the streets get a little louder. 

It has been a good week in 4 poniente I hope that everyone has built a few snowmen and gone sledding at least once.

Elder Holdstock

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