Monday, December 12, 2016

Hola Hola,

Hope everyone is staying warm... if you ever need to warm up just think of chile and you´ll be sweating through your shirts in no time! It is a little strange to see christmas lights and christmas trees being put up when it is 90 degrees outside. 

Lesson on Chileanos for this week

1. They´re always ocupado. Which means they´re busy. Which means they just don´t want to talk to you.

2. They´re watching the wawa. Which means baby. Which means they don´t want to talk to you.

3. They like to wag their fingers through the windows. which means they´re busy watching the wawa. Which means they don´t want to talk to you.

hahaha we just laugh every time any of these things happen at this point. But for every twenty of these people there´s always one person that´s cool and will talk to us! So I´m thankful for them. 

you asked if I can keep up with the kids when playing soccer...

We were playing the other day for a few  minutes with these kids and I always pretend at first that I am not super good... but I just saw an opportunity and had to get the nutmeg... needless to say he had to sit down the rest of the game because his pride was gonzo.

It sounds like Christmas Season is in full swing! We are doing Iluminate the world here as well it´s called Ilumina El Mundo and we are giving out tons of cards and showing the video to anyone and everyone! I love the little advent calendar and all the suggestions that it has of how we can help our neighbor just in our own way. By small and simple things, great things come to pass. 

I´m glad the house is all decked out (for Christmas). It did rain here super hard one day this week! So I got to break out the jacket and sweater! I love hearing about everyones week! Everyone always asks about my family so we talk about you all the time! We just got word from President Woodward that we will get to skype on christmas! Can´t wait to see your smiling faces.

Nos Vemos,

Elder Holdstock

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