Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hola Hola (chileans love to say hi twice)

This week was a good one! the stake president asked me to play the piano in the priesthood session of stake conference and so we got special permission to attend. I ended up only playing one of the three songs that I was supposed to because we ran out of time but I´m grateful that we got to attend because they talked lots about member missionary work and how priesthood leaders can work with us. 

This week we met a man named Roberto.. he let us come in and we taught him a little about the restoration and about baptism. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted to our surprise he told us he would like to but along with his wife and daughter. BOOM miracles do exist. hahaha for me that was a real life example of ¨the field is white already to harvest¨ 

In my study of the Libro de Mormon I have been reading about the Missionary work of ammon and about faith. Faith is the driving force behind all things in the gospel. Through faith we try to do better by faith the brother of jared saw the finger of the lord and enos was forgiven all his sins by faith. I have been sharing with people this week that if we have nothing else we should at least have faith. But as we cultivate our faith we will grow into the people that the lord knows we will be. 

I hope that everyone is enjoying the cold! I have to put sunscreen on every day before I leave because I´m gringo... oh well... haha We celebrated thanksgiving this year by going out and doing missionary work!! hahaha I love hearing everyones experiences. 

Mucho amor,

Elder Holdstock

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