Saturday, November 5, 2016


Just kiddin it's just me. hahahaha. Ok cool so this is my first update. I left slc at 3 oclock with a group of about 5 missionaries and we flew to atlanta. once we got to atlanta we met up with another little group of missionaries. My first bathroom companion was Elder Chapman from Gilbert AZ. Anyway so we boarded the plane and I was waiting for that culture shock of everyone speaking spanish but it didn't really ever come. All the announcements were in english all the flight attendants spoke english... I sat next to the old chilean man though who I talked to a little bit. I hooked him up with independence day on his little movie screen cuz he didn't know how to do it. I thought about trying to tell him he probably shouldn't be drinking that wine he had but I thought I might as well let him enjoy his flight... hahaha. When we got to santiago it was all smooth. Customs was a breeze! We met up with some members who got us to the CCM. Oh let me tell ya.. chileans are crazy drivers. they hate staying in their lane for more than five seconds and they use their blinkers but only after they've turned. The first day was pretty long cuz it was just lots of waiting around for everyone to show up. 

The next day rolled around and we got to meet our companions. Mine is named Elder Corales, Hes from montevideo uruguay shouts to the johansens...  p.s. I can't figure out this key board but i promise i do know about punctuation and stuff.... hahaha anyway elder corales and I are the zone leaders.. and we are still trying to figure out what that means... My companion knows less english than I know spanish so we do our best to figure it out. I am in the native class with fluent spanish speakers.. so I am learning how to be a missionary in spanish.. It's pretty difficult but im pretty sure that im keeping up and understanding most of it! I conducted my first meeting in spanish on..... sunday I think.. it's hard to remember cuz the days all blend together... but that was a fun experience! Elder Corales and I have taught 5 practice lessons now I think and each one is getting a little better! I don't have time to figure out how to get these pictures off my camera so I'll just describe elder corales to you. Just imagine like the poster boy of south american missionaries. He is big he's got brown eyes black hair.. I'm serious... like if you google south american mormons you'll probably see a picture of him hahaha. 

One of the coolest things about being in the native class is that out of the 6 people in our district I think that only 2 of us have been life long members. that means the other four are converts. Elder corales joined the church when he was 15. He even has this cool wolf tattoo on his arm that he got when he was like fourteen. Anyway I am just so impressed at their faith and obedience. It is impressive to see the fruits of missionary work right here in my very own district. Im learning more every day what it means to be converted and what it means to be faithful. i'm loving it here but i am feeling for those other americans who have to stay all six weeks because all these classes and practicing just makes you itch to get out. It's been kind of hard because they just thrown you into it. which is just how it is in the mission field. They're like ok now teach this guy! GO! uhhhhh I don't really know spanish hermano... hahah but i'm trying my hardest! Yesterday I had to lead our district Libro de Mormon study and we studied Ether 12\27 about how god can help us with our weaknesses. And I know that he can and that he will as we put in our effort. and come unto him.

I promised my teacher that I would write a little bit to my family in espanol so Pienso que voy a hacer esto ahora. Estoy feliz estar aqui en el ccm y por la oportunidad que tengo servir como misionero. un mision siempre me recorde por que estoy agradecido. como estoy agradecido a tener companeros en mi cuarto que pueden hablar en ingles entonces a noche despues un dia de solamente espanol puedo hablar un poco con ellos. y tambien agradecido por mi companero elder corales quien es paciente y listo a ayudame con la idoma. Bueno dios vive y jesucristo es nuestro hermano ven a el. y sigue su ejemple. Ahora vamos a explorar Santiago!!!!!! 

Hasta proxima semana

Con mucho amor.

Elder Holdstock 

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