Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hola Hola Hola!!

Last week we finally got to the mission field. We met with President Woodward at his house and had a killer lunch and then headed out to meet our companions and trainers. My Papi is named Elder Benitez. He is from Ecuador. He is super awesome I am learning lots from him. We are in 4 poniente and I wish I could tell you where that was but I am still learning about where everything is. We live with two other elders in our ward. We eat lunch with the members every day and it has been really good. We ate at one Sisters house, her name was Hermana Digna and she reminded me of grandma smart just chileana. But everything that was on the table was coated in cilantro. But I ate it anyway and it really was pretty good. I guess the lord blesses your tongue in ways other than the language while you´re on a mission. 
Me and Elder Benitez in 4 Poniente (Chilean Erda)

Elder Benitez is a work horse. from the minute we are up to the second we go to bed we are going hard. Sometimes when we contact he pretends he doesn´t know spanish to get the people to come outside and listen to us. We try to have fun with it. We invite literally every person we talk to to be baptized. My first few days I think I invited like 7 or 8 different people to baptism. One guy named Fernando even said yes hahah he was like yeah where do we do it but we were like ok sweet but we gotta get you ready first. We havent been over since so hopefully we can work more with him. 

I am doing my best to remember that I cant be a professional missionary over night everything takes time. And it´s hard because I like to be the best at everything. But I was studying in alma about the experiences of Ammon on his mission and that the lord promises us that if we bear our trials with patience we will be rewarded with success. So I am putting that promise to the test. 

I played the piano in sacrament meeting this Sunday. I have a feeling I will be doing that all the Sundays but that´s alright because I enjoy it! It is so good to hear about everyone´s experiences! Keep them coming. Hopefully you´ll be able to see my pics this week....

Much love,

Elder Holdstock

P.S. Help the missionaries find people to teach and go with them! Seriously if you want to make their lives help them out with that. They like food and drinks but people to teach are even better.

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