Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My companion at MTC.  Elder Corales from Uruguay
hola hola

Week 2 is in the books! It's been a good week! I am learning a little bit more about the gospel and about the language every day. it's slow thats for sure but it's all coming together. So we eat in the casino and pretty much every meal is either rice our noodles with some sort of salsa.. (sauce) and then meat.. it's good but i keep hearing it's a little better outside of the MTC.

On Sunday we had a visit from Elder Bragg of the Seventy. He came and spoke to us for about 15 minutes or so.. he talked about the language and how we've gotta be patient with it because it will come. I am feeling lot's more confident with it already though. Every day we have two investigators that we teach and I am able to at least participate in the conversations most the time! Yesterday I realized it was election day and how crazy that is. Then today when we went out to get elder corrales' hair cut we saw all the papers and stuff haha.

The weirdest thing about chile is that the sun rises on the opposite side of the sky and it throws me off so hard. Another thing I learned this week was in a devotional where we watched a talk from Elder bednar. he talked about the character of christ. The character of Christ is what we are striving for as missionaries. Loving and thinking of others before ourselves. When we do this we will have so much success and so much power BUT that can't be the reason we do it. We have to do it out of love. Sundays are my favorite days because President Brady Let's me go to the meetings with the other gringos. And I get to participate in english it's beautiful. I always tell the latinos that if they think the church is true in spanish they should hear it in english.

Every morning we get to play soccer on a little court. It's a party. the other americans don't understand how the latinos are so quick with the ball. it's pretty funny. 

I'll be out of here next week though and that's when it starts for real!!

Mucho Amor,

Elder Holdstock

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