Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference and Completos

hehe I actually havent had any completos this week I just couldnt think of another word that started with C... 

This week has been a good one! Our Mission president presents us with a plan de capacitacion or a training plan every six weeks so that as a Mission we are all focused on one purpose and that we can learn line upon line how to be better missionaries. This week we were taught about how we can work better with the members in our wards. We have been counseled to have more members with us as we teach and especially that we have the right members there when we teach not just the members that are always available.

We are teaching a 70 year old mom and her 50year old son... we started to think about who we could ask to come along with us to teach and we finally settled on a brazilian sister who is about the same age as the sister we are teaching. We went to visit her to ask her to accompany us but unfortunately she couldn't... but she told us about another sister that might be able to help... so we went there next the next sister.. sister blanca received us and we asked her about her conversion to the church and her experienec with the missionaries. She told us all about it... We finally asked her to come share that experience with our investigator and she agreed. The day came and we went to our appointment.. as we approached the house the sister looked at us and said 'oh dont tell me we are going here!' I thought that for some reason she was not excited to have arrived where we did.. but just the opposite as she went walking into the house on her own. We had arrived to a child hood friend and long time neighbor of sister blanca. As we taught we really saw the wonderful effect that sister blanca had on our investigator she was able to help her understand better and animate her a little more!

That was a testimony builder for me that the Lord is in every aspect of our life especially the life of missionaries. as we do our small part the lord will always do the rest! 

I was super stoked that we got to listen to conference this week. I loved all the talks and I wish I had time to tell you what I liked about each one buuuut... time goes faster in chile hehe... Just kidding.. but I did love Elder Braggs talk on the light of christ and how as we seek the light it will shine brighter and brighter until the perfect day. 

Our new zone is ochagavia... it is the sketchiest part of the mission.... haha i only say that because it is true.. but i also only say it because our sector is super tranquilo super calm because if it wasnt I wouldnt say anything becauuuuse I wouldnt want to scare anybody. oh shoot I forgot to take pictures of our house... but its pretty normal nothing super cool about it!

But here are some old pictures of my first district and of me and my new companion! Elder Lazo.. El Chileano... I think president wants me to develop a love for chileanos cuz this is my second one... haha just kidding he is great!

hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

Rip it up.
Elder Holdstock

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