Sunday, April 16, 2017

Capilla Abierta Side walk chalk Hot Cold Who Knows what (April 10, 2017)

This week has been a busy one! We had an Open Chapel for the Stake this week which is where they convert the stake center into like a portable visitors center complete with the Christus and everything.. haha it is kinda funny actually because the Christus is a picture of the one in Salt Lake Printed on a pendant sort of thing but either way it was still cool! We had a good time the whole entire zone was in our sector for a few hours running around like crazy inviting everyone and anyone to come check it out. We are excited to see all the results this week.

Elder Lazo and I hit the Feria this weekend but we didnt give out juice... we drew the plan of salvation out on the ground with sidewalk chalk. and invited everyone to the open chapel. It was fun. Feria is life. I always forget to take pictures.... sorry.

We played with teddy bears this week..... awkward I know.... hahaha To help the members in the ward get excited about Misisonary work we bought a teddy bear cut apart a white shirt put the white shirt on the bear put a tie on the bear made him a name tag and made him a backpack. His name is Elder Donoso... which is punny if you know spanish because noso in spanish is bear. hahaha We give him to a family each week and their job is to gift the materials that are in Elder Donosos backpack. Every one seemed pretty excited about it. 

this week we found a russian orthodox lady that is super chill and always invites us in to talk with her. Russian orthodox's are a dime a dozen here... not. 

We have also started to teach english classes because i know english pretty well and we thought it might be a good way to get people to come to the church! Our first one was ehh three members came but they all promised to bring their friends next time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful easter and watches the easter videos because they are awesome!!! 

Keep it real

And keep rippin it up.

Elder Holdstock

P.s. this is what happens when you go play soccer at the chapel and forget to pack a tie... but there is a rag laying around. 

PPS. i might be getting slow and losing my touch but today I juggled 357 times without dropping it.. so #watchout @Mitchell @Sam

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