Monday, July 24, 2017

Some pretty cool things also happened this week.

Like always. hehe

Sam has been asking me all this time if I have had to eat fish yet out here. And I havent ever answered him I dont think... whoops.. but the answer is yes. And the first time it was alright.. the second time it was really gross.. but I ate it for the third time last night and it was actually super good. Last night we ate Swordfish... so that is pretty intense. These members told us that they wanted to make us some swordfish because it is the best fish there is.. and they were right it was pretty great.. so if you guys can get your hands on some swordfish out there in the great salt lake.. go for it.

Another funny little story on pride; a few days ago we met a guy at his door and we told him that we had a super awesome video that we wanted to share with him so he let us in.. We show videos off of our little pen drives because most the TVs now in day have the ability to show videos off of pen drives. So we threw it in the back of his TV and opened up the pen drive but the video would not play. So instead of just giving up and saying it didnt work this guy tried for like 30 minutes doing the exact same thing over and over again to try and get the pen drive to work in his TV. ´no I know how to make it work´ he kept saying... after all that time I had told him like 7 times it was ok and we would love to just share a scripture with him.. and finally he just settled for that.. but it was way funny. Maybe this is more a lesson on diligence than it is on pride... or maybe not.

We had a super cool lesson this week with Sandra and Braulio (they are the worlds biggest pool people) it was on the plan of salvation and we decided to make it interactive so we turned their house into the plan of salvation... and we acted it out. So we turned out all the lights and passed through different rooms reading about the different kingdoms of glory. and in each room the light would get brighter and brighter. I remembered when we did an activity like this in Woods Cross where they told us we were going on a trip to hawaii but we ended up crashing in the ´airplane´when we were traveling and we had to pass through the same and it was super cool. They loved it and it helped them understand the importance of doing what we need to to reach the celestial kingdom.

This week was the finish of the change. It was fun to be with Elder Clements but he had changes away and I will find out who my new companion will be tomorrow when they get here so I am excited for that. We will find out soon!! 

Dylan is also another kid we have been teaching who is part of an inactive family that we are helping come back to church. He went to church for the first time in his life this last week and his mom for the first time in 16 years. He is 10 but really wants to know more about how he can pass the sacrament so we will be working for that ;) 

It even snowed here in Santiago! But not out on the coast so we were good. It is actually starting to warm up a little bit so that is good. 

Also I heard Jeremiah just left for San Antonio Texas right? And I realized that I am also in San Antonio.. At least that is the name of my stake.. so that is pretty neat too. 

Anyway I hope everybody keeps up the good work. Summer is already ending I think which is really crazy how quick it went! 

Be good Do Good.

Elder Holdstock

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